Security and Confidence for Token Operations

A Token Offering is similar to an IPO (initial public offering) but for businesses that use cryptocurrencies instead of national (fiat) currencies. Token sales, run by STOs raise billions of US dollars every year. The STO market has been actively growing for several years and is likely to continue to do so. However, the popularity of ICOs and STOs makes them a prime target for fraudsters and other criminals.

Kaspersky’s comprehensive solution is designed to provide security for token sales from various types of threats related to vulnerabilities in smart contracts and web platforms. We provide thorough code reviews, phishing detection, incident response and education for staff.

Prepare and run your token offering in a safe environment with our all-in-one package of services.

  • Cybersecurity Incident Response

    Isolate threats and prevent them from spreading. Investigate incidents and restore your data. Minimize incident response time and disrupt the kill chain before systems and data are compromised.

  • Smart Contract Source Code Review

    Identify flaws and undocumented features. Save on remediation costs by tracking down vulnerabilities before the launch of your project. We provide a report and our recommendations on how to mitigate possible risks.

  • Education & Awareness

    Train your team how to react effectively in the event of an attack. Even non-professionals can pass the online interactive course that builds their cybersecurity skills. It is safer when the entire team is familiar with the basics.

  • Protection Against Fraud & Phishing

    Fraudulent copies of your project website will be detected, so you’ll be able to alert your investors immediately. Track fake pre-offering and offering announcements to respond quickly and avert reputational losses.

Case Studies

Learn how companies secure their token sales, smart contracts and environments with Kaspersky solutions

The Use

  • Protection Against Fraud & Phishing

    Continuously track phishing activity through a combination of automated analysis and expert cybersecurity assistance. It will alert you if phishing sites target your brand. The aim of these sites is to hijack users' online identities, but immediate alerts will help you avoid financial and reputational losses. Mitigate the risk of fake pre-sales and token sales announcements by cybercriminals. Track different types of malicious activity so you can respond immediately.

  • Smart Contract Source Code Review

    Identification of security vulnerabilities, design flaws and undocumented features within the smart contract code that could lead to exploitation. A smart contract contains algorithms that determine how each step of any transaction is performed. It's critical to ensure the smart contract is secure and doesn't allow breaches. Performed by malware experts, the review includes a report on detected vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to mitigate them.

  • Cyber-Hygiene & Education

    Online interactive courses help improve cybersecurity skills even for beginners. The training allows your team to analyze an attack and make decisions. As an additional feature, you can purchase special security training for your tech pros. They will learn how to conduct investigations, restore attack timelines and sources, and detect malware. Give your in-house team the comprehensive knowledge needed for successful incident remediation.

Marketing support and promotion

After a successful security audit and vulnerability remediation, we will be happy to provide additional marketing support and promotion for your project by publishing a press release, reposted by hundreds of media partners. Information on your project will be available to thousands of our subscribers on social networks.

White Papers

Learn more, with thought leadership from our globally recognized cybersecurity experts

The Risk

At the initial stage, while you are managing public relations, preparing your draft whitepaper, developing a landing page and setting up a board of advisors, attackers are also collecting information about you and your project for fraudulent purposes. When you launch a token sale for early-bird investors, the site and investor accounts may be attacked. You need to closely monitor fake pre-offering and token sales announcements. Once you’ve collected enough funds, your team will begin actively developing the project. During this period, you’ll be the focus of lots of media and hacker attention. Attacks may be aimed at stealing money from investor wallets or simply disrupting your project or website.

  • Scan

    Probing the project team with malware, phishing, social engineering.

  • Scan

    Attacks on project website or investor accounts, including DDoS, targeted attacks, APTs.

  • Scan

    Exploiting vulnerabilities in a smart contract to steal money.

  • Scan

    Trying to get inside and inject malicious code into the project's source code.

  • Scan

    Launching of fake/phishing websites that sometimes look even more sophisticated and more genuine than the original.

  • Scan

    Fake pre-offering and token offering announcements via social networks to entice investors to a fake website and trick them out of their money.