Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

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Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) takes a new approach to online educational programs. This holistic solution doesn't just provide knowledge: it builds concrete cyber-hygiene skills and practices. ASAP supports you at every step of your corporate security awareness journey, from goal-setting through to results-evaluation using actionable reporting and analytics.

Simplified objective-setting, automated learning paths, practical exercises based on real-life scenarios all help to deliver effective results and a successful outcome, for participants and training management alike.

  • Program management: simplicity through automation. It takes just 10 minutes to launch the program: simply upload your user-list, divide users into groups and set target level for each group. The platform builds an education schedule for each group, based on pace and target level, as well as delivering actionable reporting and recommendations
  • Training efficiency: program content is structured to support micro-learning, keeping training sessions focused and bite-sized to deliver high levels of knowledge retention and subsequent skills application.
  • Comprehensive toolset: each security topic is addressed through a blend of different content formats, combining elements of training, reinforcement, tests and surveys and simulated phishing attacks.
  • Suits various business needs: features include multi-tenant support for managing subsidiaries, the opportunity to pay for active users only, multi-language support, and localization to a range of different cultures.
    • Set objectives and justify costs

      Set goals based on:

      • the risk employees' particular role poses to the company. Use hints & tips inside the Plaform
      • learning times required, for different groups of employees
    • Lift your employees' security skill-sets to the highest appropriate level

      • Use automated learning management to lift every employee up to the security skills level appropriate to their risk profile
      • Ensure that these newly acquired skills are retained through ongoing reinforcement
      • Enable employees to learn at their own pace, in the way that works best for them
    • Monitor progress with actionable reporting and analytics

      • Follow learners' progression through the live tracking of data, trends and forecasts
      • Use real-time forecasting to ensure annual training goals will be met
      • Address issues before they become problems (apply the tools provided to stimulate increased performance in participants identified as needing further encouragement)
    • Deliver an enjoyable learning experience with tangible outcomes

      • Engage employees with practical interactive exercises
      • Provide learning scenarios that are relevant to participants' everyday working lives
      • Avoid knowledge overload and training fatigue
    • Universal multilevel training curriculum

      A universal, practical training curriculum developing 350+ security skills, offered at all levels from beginners through to advanced.

      ASAP covers a comprehensive range of key cyber-security topics, from email, web and mobile security to confidential and personal data protection, and safe interaction with social networks and messengers.

    • Continuous education based on micro-learning principles

      Employees need only spend few minutes per week interacting with bite-sized learning that's stimulating and different.

    • Automated learning path for enhanced skills-retention

      The Platform is built on the principle of multiple reinforcement, to increase skills and knowledge retention.

      All content formats are automatically assigned, including:

      • online modules (lessons),
      • reinforcement through motivational emails,
      • surveys and tests (knowledge assessment),
      • simulated phishing attacks.
    • Full program management automation

      The Platform automatically upskills every participant to the level you set for them. You as Program Manager allocate target levels for each group based on the employees' risk profile. You can then follow employees' progress towards their target through clear, straightforward reporting.

      The Platform automatically and continuously adjusts each participants' training schedule, based on their learning performance to date.

    • Recommended training targets

      The Platform can recommend training targets, based on participants risk profiles. Learning path for each group to achieving their target levels are then automatically built.

    • Intuitive learning

      Clear, structured navigation simplifies your employees' learning journeys, keeping them motivated and engaged.

    • Mobile-friendly

      Training can be accessed through computers and through mobile devices.

    • Multi-tenant support for managing subsidiaries

      An important feature for larger or diversified organizations, as well as for managed service providers and holding companies.

    • Pay only for active users

      You only pay for employees who are actually learning - not for those to whom education was not assigned

    • Multi-language support

      All content elements are localized into major languages and address appropriate cultures.

Technical Information
Topics within the Platform
  • Email security and anti phishing
  • Web browsing
  • Passwords
  • Social networks and messengers
  • PC security
  • Mobile devices
  • Confidential data*
  • Personal data (PII)/ GDPR*
  • * 1Q 2020
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