Kaspersky Security Awareness

Building a safe corporate cyber-environment with gamified training

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More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error. Enterprises lose millions recovering from staff-related incidents – but traditional training programs usually fail to achieve the desired behavioral changes and motivation. Kaspersky Lab has launched a family of computer-based training products that utilize the latest learning techniques and address all levels of the organizational structure, with proven effectiveness.

The Value

Kaspersky Security Awareness has been used by hundreds of our enterprise customers, demonstrating its effectiveness in terms of lowering numbers of cyber-incidents and reducing associated financial losses, with an impact which lasts well into the longer-term.

  • Up to 90%

    decrease in the number of incidents

  • Up to 95%

    probability of participants applying skills learnt in their daily work

  • Inspiring 86%

    participant willingness to recommend the program


Suitable for

  • Enterprise organizations

  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Energy

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Industrial Environments

  • Critical infrastructures

The Programs

An Approach That Enhances Efficiency

Building behavior, not just providing knowledge

Gamification, learning-by-doing, simulated attacks, etc, create behavioral patterns and a long-lasting effect

Different skills for different roles

Specific training products for senior and line management and for staff

Painless management and measurement

Computer-based training is easily managed by the in-house Security Team or HR

All courses based on world-leading technical expertise

Led by our cybersecurity experts and informed by current threats

Interactive Simulation Games Encouraging Strategic Support for Security

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) is a short team game which helps establish a better security understanding among senior managers and decision makers, changing perceptions about cybersecurity. Custom-build software simulates the impact that cyber-attacks and associated management decisions can have on business performance and revenue.

There are 6 KIPS scenarios – Corporation, Bank, eGovernment, Transport, Power Station, Water Plant – each featuring specifically relevant types of attacks.

CyberSafety Management Games to Ensure Cybersafe Decisions

A half-day interactive workshop providing line managers with the competences, knowledge and attitudes essential to promoting and maintaining a secure working environment in their divisions:


Internalizing the adoption of cybersecurity measures


Seeing everyday work through the cybersafety lens


Security considerations as part of business planning


Leadership, advice, question-handing, and cybersecurity evangelism.

An Employee Training Platform that Builds Cyber-Hygiene Skills

SaaS and on-premise delivery in 30 languages

Interactive Training:

- 20+ short, fun modules
- Exercises with a knock-on effect
- Skills reinforcement

Simulated Phishing Attacks:

- Customizable attacks at different levels of difficulty
- Teachable moments and auto-assignment

Knowledge Assessments:

- Predefined or random

Reporting and Analytics:

- Online reports and data export

CyberSafety Culture Assessment to Track Values & Attitudes

A cloud-based survey analyzing values and attitudes toward cybersecurity at all levels of the business. Results can be used to understand imbalances and identify areas for further focus.

Includes domains, assessed and measured altogether, organization-wide:

- CyberSafety Mindset (perception of security and policies)
- Risk Management (guidance, feedback, improvements)
- Commitment (security attitudes and behavior)
- Business Impact (the balance between security and business efficiency)

In Use

Forms of delivery:

The services of professional KL-certified trainers

Enterprise licensing ('Train the Trainer') for Security & HR teams to run the training internally

Authorized Training Center licensing for training providers

Service and support:

Education Best Practice guides and support (included)

Managed Service (optional)

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The Risk

Kaspersky Security Awareness creates a strong and self-sustained corporate cyber-environment through a gamified, visual and corporate-wide learning approach. This is the only way to successfully fight the human mistakes that are the biggest cyber-risk to enterprises today.

  • 80% of breaches are caused by employee inadvertence and negligence

  • $865,000 - the average impact of incidents involving employees actions

  • $400 per employee per year - the average cost of phishing attacks alone

  • Standard awareness programs are inefficient and hard to manage

  • Our training programs reduce monetary losses from attacks by 50-60%

  • The ROI in Kaspersky Security Awareness is up to 30 times outlay

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