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Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform

Detection of advanced threats and targeted attacks

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All enterprises are vulnerable to today’s targeted attacks

Proactively detect targeted attacks against your business – so you can prevent ongoing damage:

  • Rapidly discover ‘live’ attacks against your corporate network

  • Minimize the financial & operational damage of targeted attacks

  • Prevent continued disruption of your business-critical processes

  • Avoid costly legal action – or regulatory and compliance issues

  • Guard against long-lasting damage to your competitive position

  • Protect your brand image and your business reputation

What We Offer

Innovative detection technologies – underpinned by global intelligence – do more to protect your business.

  • Multi-layered sensor architecture

    By using multiple sensors – to detect activities at multiple areas of your IT network – we can deliver rapid detection of complex threats that are attacking multiple areas within your IT estate.

  • Advanced Sandbox

    The Advanced Sandbox provides an isolated, virtualized environment where suspicious objects can be safely executed – so their behavior can be observed and the resultant network traffic captured.

  • Intelligent Analysis

    Our Targeted Attack Analyzer assesses data from network and endpoint sensors – and rapidly generates threat detection verdicts for your security team.

Business Benefits

Even if your business doesn’t use any of our prevention-focused security products, you can still use Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform… to benefit from our advanced detection technologies.

  • Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform works alongside your existing security software – boosting your overall security.

  • Advanced detection identifies ‘live’ targeted attacks that conventional security technologies can’t find.

  • Continual analysis of data – from multiple sensors – delivers 24x7x365 monitoring of your corporate network.

  • Real-time feeds – based on our Global Security Intelligence, delivered from the cloud – help guard against new threats.

  • Incident Response Services – available as an option – help your business to assess attacks and remediate their effects.

  • Optional security assessment, testing and training services help your business to improve protection against future attacks.


Suitable for

  • Finance institutions

  • Enterprise customers with strict data control requirements

  • Government agencies and organizations

  • Telecommunications companies

  • Service providers

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