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While businesses learn to better protect themselves, criminals are simultaneously devising ever more sophisticated techniques to penetrate their security perimeters. Attracted by the unprecedented financial rewards a cyber-attack can deliver, increasing numbers of threat actors are actively seeking and targeting corporate security flaws. In response, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are being established to combat security issues as they arise, and to provide a swift response and resolution.

What We Offer

For the SOC to be effective, it must continuously accommodate new technologies and controls in line with sweeping changes in the ongoing threat environment. This includes:

  • Global Threat Intelligence

    Global Threat Intelligence

    Immediately actionable intelligence providing invaluable insights and context, available in a range of formats and delivery methods.

  • Threat Hunting

    Threat Hunting

    The real-time detection of both known and new cyber-espionage and cybercriminal campaigns targeting your critical information systems.

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management

    Our security training programs are designed for you to obtain in-house expertise in digital forensics, malware analysis and incident response.

  • Incident Response

    Incident Response

    Knowledgeable specialists, armed with extensive practical experience of fighting cyberthreats, will help you to quickly identify, isolate and block malicious activity.

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In Use

Timely Detection of Emerging Threats

Combining internal threat data with information gathered from different sources (e.g. OSINT or global anti-malware vendors) provides an understanding of attack techniques and their potential indicators. The practice of threat hunting helps to reveal undiscovered attacks not detected by existing security controls. This in turn allows organizations to develop more efficient defensive strategies against advanced attacks.

Equipping Your Team with the Most Up-to-Date Knowledge

The SOC must provide a resource-pool of practical knowledge and expertise, to be able to adapt and evolve in response to ongoing changes in the threat environment. SOC team members must be well-trained in digital forensics, malware analysis and incident response in order to prevent and successfully respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Get "Back On Track" Faster

Few organizations have sufficient in-house resources on hand to stop an advanced attack in its tracks. Mastering the level of expertise needed in order to do so at short notice is challenging. Sometimes it's more cost-effective and productive to collaborate with a third-party Incident Response vendor, already geared up to applying a rapid, fully-informed response.

Adaptive Security Framework

Prediction and Prevention work to stop an incident before it evolves into an accident. Detection and Response define the discovery and remediation of an accident. In this paradigm, each subsequent stage requires greater resource consumption to react than does the preceding stage.

Too often, security receives the budget it’s perceived to deserve, not the budget it actually needs. Security must be highly prioritized and significantly invested in to ensure successful deployment and a strong RTO.

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The Risk

To fight modern cyberthreats it's not enough just to build a SOC - you must, more importantly, equip it with technologies, tools and processes that will enable its constant adaptation in line with the ongoing changes in the threat environment. This approach will allow you to reduce the following risks:

  • Real threats can get buried among thousands of insignificant alerts

  • Threats may be lying undiscovered but active within your organization

  • Inability to sustain certain level of expertise can cause a costly breach

  • Inefficient incident response procedures result in high recovery costs

  • Poor risk visibility can result in inadequate internal funding

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