Effortless cybersecurity for growing businesses

The best security makes life easier, not harder, for overworked IT departments. If your business is growing fast, or is in the throes of digital transformation, the chances are that resources are continuously overstretched.

Choose an endpoint product that delivers instant protection and is ready to scale when you need it.

Who takes care of your security?IT generalists

All-in-one, easy to use security for businesses with IT generalists who take care of a range of IT-related tasks, including security.

  • No extra server or software deployment costs. Hosted in the cloud.
  • Protection for any device – with free mobile device security
  • Instant protection with predefined security policies
  • The latest, most up-to-date software - always.
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Who takes care of your security?CIO

The best enterprise-grade security solution for organizations with mixed infrastructures and an IT department

  • Defends your business with EDR at the core and an automated Sandbox to work with your endpoint protection
  • Maximizes the number of incidents processed, without increasing your manpower costs
  • Prevents employees from exposing themselves, and you, to an attack
  • Scales easily, securing diverse environments and platforms.
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Which protection is best for your business?
Endpoint Security Cloud
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Endpoint Security Cloud Plus
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
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