Don't Let
Hackers Hijack
Your Dreams.

Stop advanced threats with
Kaspersky Small Office Security.

Secure Your Dreams.

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Ransomware holds files hostage until you pay. Protect your small business dreams against dangerous advanced threats with multi-layered technology from Kaspersky Lab. We stopped 750,000 ransomware attacks last year!

The power to protect your small business

  • Safeguards PCs, Macs, servers and Android devices
  • Secures online shopping and banking transactions
  • Protects data from theft, loss and corruption
  • Blocks or limits employee Internet access
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Why Kaspersky Small Office Security?

Enjoy more time to focus.
Enjoy more time to focus.

Our software is easy to install and manage, so you’ll never lose time worrying about a virus or recovering money lost to cybercrime.

Keep your money secure.
Keep your money secure.

Our award-winning Safe Money technology protects transactions from start to finish. Secure your website, connection and devices today.

Protect personal investments.
Protect personal investments.

When cybertheft could mean your personal savings, and data theft could mean your reputation, you need the best protection possible.

Focus on your business.
Focus on your business.

Our technology is both powerful and easy to use. It keeps your business safe, so you can devote your time and money to what matters most.

10 Simple Tips to Protect Your Data from Ransomware

With ransomware on the rise, it pays to be cybersavvy in the workplace.
Read our expert infographic to know how to stay safe online.

Protect your business from cybercriminals.