The First Major Vulnerability

While Google Glass has not yet been widely released for sale to the public, the device already has taken plenty of heat from critics over many issues concerning from style, privacy, functionality and more. Although Google Glass is a promising invention, security researchers recently discovered a major vulnerability in Google Glass security — a bug that easily compromises the device. In a nutshell, Glass' bug works as follows: When taking a picture, Google Glass is programmed by default to scan and recognize any QR codes in the picture. If a QR code is found, Google glass will automatically load a browser along with the URL within the QR code.

While this feature was intended as a convenience, it also opened the door for malicious attackers to compromise Google Glasses by encoding malicious links in QR codes. wrote about how a mobile achieved root access to his developer-model of Google Glass and inevitably found a hiccup with the new device.

Fortunately for Google Glass users, Google promptly issued a patch after this news broke. However, this vulnerability is significant because it shows that as computing power increases, there needs to be a significant focus on security to ensure our devices function without issues.

How to Protect Your Device

Although security is a vast field, by following a few simple tips, you can greatly strengthen your Google Glass security to ensure that the device is always able to withstand the latest Internet threats. Key steps you can take include:

  • Take care when scanning QR codes and loading websites. Malware has evolved to attack mobile devices, meaning the caution you use when browsing the Web on your desktop should apply to any device.
  • Check reviews before downloading apps, and make sure the permissions used by the programs are actually necessary. For example, a ping pong game should not require access to record audio and video.
  • Always run anti-malware software from a reputable vendor on all Internet-connected devices. Today many vendors provide mobile security solutions designed specifically for Android devices such as Google Glass.
  • Always install the latest updates on your mobile devices.

While technology is constantly moving, a few simple steps will keep you protected from most threats.