Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Reduction of fraud risk for online and mobile financial transactions

Banking Environment

Banking & payments are increasingly going digital. Your customers are seeking freedom from branches and demanding the convenience of online & mobile banking. This trend benefits your bank by offering a higher margin channel through which you can provide anytime, anywhere access to more high-margin and high-retention services. At the same time, cybercriminals are continuously launching new ways to attack. So your bank needs rigorous fraud prevention – but not at the expense of a smooth banking experience for your customers.

Customer Errors Can Impact Your Reputation

It’s a sad fact of life. Your customers can be unpredictable and unreliable – especially when it comes to ensuring their computers and mobile phones are secure. However, their mistakes are still likely to be your problem. Every time one of your customers is attacked by an online fraudster, it’s your business that’s likely to suffer the most. It’s not just a case of you having to cover your customer’s financial loss, you could also see your business reputation damaged – even though you’ve done everything you thought possible to protect your own internal IT systems.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention proactively protects against the root causes of digital banking fraud. It secures digital transactions, without damaging the customer experience:

Adds multi-channel security for digital banking & payments

Helps protect 100% of users – regardless of device

Delivers ‘frictionless’ security, for a smoother user experience

Offer high margin services – without security concerns

Deliver more functionality & differentiate your brand

Boost customer retention & win new customers

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud

a cloud service with high availability and response time, which protects digital channels from Identity Fraud, automated tools, transaction tampering and other attacks with advanced technologies based on machine learning.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Mobile

SDK that protects mobile devices from malware, phishing, provides secure connection with the bank and sends statistics from mobile channel to Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints

runs on your customers’ computers to provide powerful protection against malware and Internet-based attacks.

What it Gives to Your Business

Root-Cause Prevention That Focuses on Customer Experience

Adding extra levels of authentication could severely damage your customers’ user experience. Our technologies proactively fight against fraudsters’ attacks, so authentication can do what it was designed to do. This way your bank does not place unnecessary burdens on your customers, and you can provide safer services that your customers can trust. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention makes sure no infected devices can access your bank’s online systems. Furthermore, you’ll be blocking fraud at its root – instead of having to deal with the aftermath of a fraudulent transaction.

Insight & Visibility Into The Hygiene of Your Customers’ Devices

The Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Console delivers key information, insights, and statistics to better manage your fraud prevention strategy. Know which customers are protected or unprotected, and know which devices are infected or clean. Gain understanding of what threats your bank faces, what malware is attacking your bank, and what phishing attacks are targeting your customers.

Case Studies

Banco Pichincha

Solution: Fraud Prevention

Banco Pichincha is one of the largest banks in Ecuador with 3.1 million customers. Now operating 297 branches and 916 ATMs in Ecuador alone, and employing more than 6,000 people. In 2013, bank officials took the decision to take the lead in national efforts to fight back against the cyber criminals and fraudsters.

Anzen Solutions

Solution: Fraud Prevention

Founded in 2007, Anzen is renowned for developing online and mobile banking solutions. Ensuring the security and confidentiality of all customer and corporate data is vital for the reputation of all banks. Anzen decided to complement its own security provisions within ‘a-banking’.

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MRG Effitas awarded Kaspersky Lab for an outstanding protection of online payments

The Innovation Award for secure online transactions

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