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Read more about the latest IT security technologies and solutions from Kaspersky Lab.

Enterprise Security Gets Adaptive

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), sophisticated malware and targeted attacks are just some of the new, constantly evolving threats the enterprise faces. A new, more adaptive, integrated approach built on the pillars of prediction, prevention, detection and response is needed.

Future risks: Be prepared

Special report on mitigation strategies for advanced threats.

Captaining Data Center Security: Putting You at The Helm

Running a data center involves a plethora of complex tasks, of which security is just one. But the security of virtual environments and data storage in particular is critical to the modern datacenter.

Kaspersky Lab's Automatic Exploit Prevention Technology

Be Ready for What’s Next

Automatic Exploit Prevention technology specifically targets malware that exploits software vulnerabilities to gain a toehold on enterprise endpoints and networks. Even if a user downloads or opens a malicious file, AEP technology will prevent the malware from executing.

Virtualization Security: Understanding the difference

Learn more about Virtualization security approaches and differences between them.

Security of Virtual Infrastructure. IT Security Risks Special Report

Find out why the industry’s understanding of virtualization technology, especially virtual-specific security issues, is far from perfect.

Kaspersky Private Security Network: Real-time Threat Intelligence – Inside the Corporate Infrastructure

Kaspersky Private Security Network: Global threat intelligence for local implementation

It takes up to four hours for standard security solutions to receive the information needed to detect. Threat intelligence sharing via Kaspersky Private Security Network provides this information in 30-40 seconds – from within the organization.

Mobile Security. Best Practices

Your Guide to Mobile Security Best Practices

What if you didn’t have to trade security and data breach protection for mobility, productivity and simplicity? Know how in this guide to mobile security best practices.

Delivering powerful data and systems security

The volume and complexity of cyber-attacks targeting large enterprises and infrastructure service providers is escalating. In this constantly evolving threat landscape, a single infected file can take your organization’s data center off-line, totally disabling mission-critical business processes.

Protecting your business against financial and reputational losses with Kaspersky DDoS Protection

Find out how you our solution seamlessly protects against the most complex DDoS attacks.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention - Platform Overview

Your bank’s online financial services are under threat. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. Any security incident affecting your bank costs money and time – refunds and compensation payments are just the tip of the iceberg.

Clientless Engine Smarter Security – Better Digital Banking

Find out how you can protect against complex fraud attacks, without compromising the relaxed, straightforward online banking experience that creates happy, loyal customers.

Fraud protection technology for endpoints

Find out how you can protect your customers and their devices from fraud.

Maintenance Service Agreement Leaflet

Learn more about premium support options with Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement.


Achieving effective, efficient security for critical payment systems

Embedded systems present specific security concerns. They are generally geographically scattered, they can be challenging to manage and they are rarely updated. Operating as they do with real money and credit card credentials, Point of Sale devices are the targets of choice for cybercriminals. As a result, they require the highest levels of focused, intelligent protection.

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