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More than 270,000 organizations world-wide are protected by Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions. No matter what type of organization, data, or business process needs to be protected, we make sure that our customers feel confident they have the right IT security solution in place.


Solution: Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security

LKQ is a Fortune 500 business and North America's largest supplier of alternative replacement components for vehicle repairs. Fast growing business and highly distributed organization with hundreds of locations around the world does create IT security challenge.

Riverside Healthcare

Solution: Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security

Riverside Healthcare needed to be assured that it would be on top of security threats, especially with growing staff numbers. Protection of sensitive data is paramount. Patients's medical records and credit card data needed higher protection for compliance and privacy reasons.

Ferrari S.p.A.

Solution: Endpoint Security

Ferrari took a strategic decision to choose Kaspersky Lab as their IT Security provider. They wanted to introduce more stringent IT security measures, both to protect their core business and to ensure an increase in safety.

Axel Springer SE

Solution: Endpoint Security

Axel Springer is one of Europe’s largest media companies and has one clear ambition: to become the leading digital publisher. To ensure that its IT infrastructure was protected against malware and other attacks, Axel Springer chose to redesign its IT security system with a solution from Kaspersky Lab.

City of London Police

Solution: Security Intelligence Services

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has called for a coordinated, national response by police to fight back against cyber criminals. City of London Police chose to partner with industry leader, Kaspersky Lab, to help tackle this ever increasing problem.

Severstal under protection

Solution: Virtualization SecurityEndpoint Security

Kaspersky Security Assessment helps to assess existing levels of protection against the latest threats and come up with a security assurance plan for process control systems in the core production facilities.


Solution: Endpoint Security

Carglass is France's leading specialist vehicle glass repair and replacement business, assisting more than 1 million customers every year. Carglass’s operations requires endpoint security solution covering 1,500 workstations, coordinated by a central console that provides the visibility and control of all elements of the solution.

Hankook Tire

Solution: Endpoint Security

The large number of tires produced by Hankook Tire makes it one of the Top 5 companies in the mass production of tires. Company is heavily reliant on IT to stay connected and productive in a fast-moving and highly competitive sector, with confidential, business-critical communications and data constantly flowing between employees, offices and third parties.

AZ Sint-Jan

Solution: Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security

AZ Sint-Jan offers innovative, advanced healthcare services. Digitization of patient care places high demands on a hospital’s ICT environment. Employees must have rapid access to the right data and at the same time, security of both the information and the network must be assured.


Solution: Endpoint Security

BRAC is a development organization dedicated to the alleviation of poverty by empowering the poor to realize their potential and change their lives. Its staff rely heavily on secure and reliable IT, especially when providing financial services to individuals, small businesses and communities.

Ceska Televize

Solution: Endpoint Security

Ceska Televize, founded in 1992, is the national public service broadcaster for the Czech Republic. To enable its people to stay connected and productive, anytime, anywhere in the fast moving 24/7 world of TV and media, Ceska Televize needs robust, secure and agile IT and telecoms systems.

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Solution: Endpoint Security

The Al-Arafah Islami Bank operates on traditional Islamic banking principles. It supports the establishment of an economic system based on social emancipation and equitable distribution of wealth, encouraging the economic progress of socially deprived people.

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

Solution: Endpoint Security

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands is committed to sustainability - and not only when it comes to energy. Kaspersky Total Security for Business helps to guarantee the security of all servers, desktops and laptops. This complete solution saved ECN thousands of euros on separate patch management software.

Himeji City General Affairs Office

Solution: Endpoint Security

In order to handle the rapid development and popularity of Information Communications Technology (ICT), Himeji City turned to automation. However, a reliable system was also being prepared for ensuring security.

University of Lagos

Solution: Endpoint Security

Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos is one of the largest and most successful academic institutions in Nigeria. Both staff and students use a diverse range of IT resources and services accessed via the University portal and through large numbers of PCs, servers, mobile devices and applications.

Bank VTB24

Solution: Virtualization Security

Bank VTB24 operates more than 1,000 branches across the country and has a complex modern IT network with 3,000+ virtual desktops. They needed a security solution for virtual environments that imposes no extra burden on computing resources and managed from a unified console.


Solution: Endpoint Security

With mirrored data centres at the main site, around 2,000 client workstations and some 500 physical and virtual servers holding around 400TB of information, RAFI has a very complex IT infrastructure. In order to make sure that this network remains stable the IT security solution needs to be pretty impressive.


Solution: Endpoint Security

ZGT treats more than 250,000 patients a year. The hospital works constantly at improving the quality of the care it offers and takes no security risks.

Dogtas Mobilya

Solution: Endpoint Security

Dogtas Mobilya is one of Turkey’s most successful and dynamic businesses, with its lounge, dining and bedroom furniture selling in huge quantities in 65 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. Dogtas wished to protect the large amounts of sensitive company, financial, product and customer data.

Banco Pichincha

Solution: Fraud Prevention

Banco Pichincha is one of the largest banks in Ecuador with 3.1 million customers. Now operating 297 branches and 916 ATMs in Ecuador alone, and employing more than 6,000 people. In 2013, bank officials took the decision to take the lead in national efforts to fight back against the cyber criminals and fraudsters.

Anzen Solutions

Solution: Fraud Prevention

Founded in 2007, Anzen is renowned for developing online and mobile banking solutions. Ensuring the security and confidentiality of all customer and corporate data is vital for the reputation of all banks. Anzen decided to complement its own security provisions within ‘a-banking’.


Solution: Endpoint Security

VimpelCom is one of the worlds' largest groups of integrated communications operators. With a growing number of targeted attacks on major companies, VimpelCom recognised the need to safeguard itself against this type of threat.

Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Solution: Endpoint Security

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is responsible for air traffic control in Germany. It has around 6,000 employees who coordinate up to 10,000 flight movements a day in German airspace. Protecting the IT infrastructure is an essential element of the company’s security strategy.


Solution: Endpoint Security

A key player in health insurance, pension planning, savings and retirement, Adrea chose Kaspersky's endpoint security solution and enhanced it with mobile device management (MDM) functionality in order to protect its mobile devices, manage them remotely and delete data from them in the event of theft.

KUHN Group

Solution: Endpoint Security

The KUHN Group is the leading European manufacturer of agricultural machinery, with production sites and subsidiaries around the world. KUHN's aimed to find endpoint security solution that was capable to protect 2600 PCs spread in different geographies.

Abu Dhabi Racing

For businesses like Abu Dhabi Racing and for the Government of the UAE, the drive for economic growth and development of a technology-enabled, knowledge-based society comes hand-in-hand with the need for sophisticated IT security systems and risk management provisions.

Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

Solution: Endpoint Security

In early 2014, Krombacher decided to replace its existing security system with a multi-level security concept. The Kreuztal based brewery has a network of 850 clients spread across three locations and a number of field staff. Being able to manage the new security solution centrally was therefore absolutely essential.

Ravensburg District Council

Solution: Endpoint Security

As a service provider and contact for the citizens and companies based in the region, reliable customer service is particularly important to Ravensburg District Council offices. Professional IT security is just as key.

NIFTY Corporation

Launched in 1986 and headquartered in Tokyo, NIFTY is now a subsidiary of Fujitsu providing a broad range of Internet and cloud-based services. In addition, it delivers a comprehensive range of Internet security solutions, guarding against hackers, phishers and other cyber criminals.

Archer Wells

Solution: Endpoint Security

Archer’s search for a new IT security provider coincided with the beginning of a steep decline in global oil prices. As well as having strong requirements for protection, reliability and flexibility, the need for cost-efficiency and automation were also crucial factors to take into account.


Solution: Industrial CyberSecurity

SIA VARS is the only petrochemical terminal in the Baltics for receiving, storing and shipping acrylonitrile. The stable running of the shipment terminal is essential to the business. If terminal stops operating, this could disrupt the normal functioning of the chemical plant.

Osborne Clarke

Solution: Endpoint Security

Osborne Clarke has been delivering expert legal advice to its clients for more than 250 years. Their clients conduct regular audits to ensure that company is meeting their strict security requirements. This ongoing process means that Osborne Clarke is constantly reviewing security provisions to see if they can be improved.


Solution: Industrial CyberSecurity

TANECO is a Russian oil refining company. TANECO’s success is heavily reliant on the continuity of manufacturing processes. Prompt detection of cyber threats targeting programmable logic controllers helps to enhance overall protection of the process control system.

Kenya National Assembly

Solution: Endpoint Security

Operating at the heart of government and responsible for the creation and implementation of laws and budgets, it is vital that the National Assembly has comprehensive protection from IT security breaches and attacks.

University of Twente

Solution: Endpoint Security

The University of Twente has used Kaspersky Endpoint Security at more than 5,000 workstations. This decision had been preceded by a detailed, six month assessment carried out by the ICT service center (ICTS), a service department responsible for ICT advice and support.

Global Energy Group

Solution: Endpoint Security

Headquartered in Inverness, Global Energy provides a huge range of on and offshore engineering and consultancy services to the oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy industries. In the multi-billion dollar industries in which Global Energy operates, safe storage and protection of contracts, technical drawings, financial reports and intellectual property is a must.

Adelante Zorggroep

Solution: Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security

The Adelante healthcare group’s core activities are adult rehabilitation and labor market reintegration, pediatric rehabilitation, special education & housing and audiology & communication. Adelante uses electronic patient dossiers in the administration of the rehabilitation process which is to be protected by any means.

Fubon Bank

Solution: Virtualization Security

Fubon Bank strives to serve the whole country from its base in Shanghai. It requires an extremely high level of network security and at the same time it is necessary to retain all the benefits of virtualization. With virtual desktop infrastructure deployed, Fubon Bank has significantly reduced operating costs.

Estrella Galicia

Solution: Endpoint SecurityMobile Security

Hijos de Rivera is an independent company and has a large portfolio of products, including the Estrella Galicia brand of beer, mineral water, wine, cider, sangria and spirits. Faced with the need to centralise and unify the company’s IT policies, Hijos de Rivera decided to restructure its IT security at the end of 2013.

Hampton Park Secondary College

Solution: Virtualization Security

Hampton Park is a large Secondary College for year 7 to 12 students. The provision of around 1,000 virtual desktops helped the school achieve significant cost savings. George Mattar was determined to ensure that the economic benefits of the ground-breaking transition to virtualization would be fully protected by a robust IT security solution.

Protecting Billions on Behalf of Citizens

Solution: Endpoint Security

The organisation operates at the heart of the Ministry of Finance and is responsible for the safe keeping of billions of Euros of public money on behalf of the nation’s citizens, maintaining robust and secure IT systems is imperative.


Solution: Endpoint Security, Mobile Security

The Cypad system automates many tasks, collects data and generates reports to co-ordinate the key elements of a catering service. Cypad systems and services as well as security systems have continued to grow in-line with the rising demand.

Chemist Warehouse

Solution: Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security

Chemist Warehouse is Australia’s largest pharmacy group. It was looking for an IT security partner that could ensure complete protection of large quantities of confidential customer medical records and data, and enable the company to fully comply with its Payment Card Industry requirements.

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