Do more and spend less with a secured virtual environment.

Securing your virtual environments may be more complicated than you realize. It's important to know your options and understand the differences:

  • Agent-Based Security: While many conventional agent-based virtual security solutions are virtual-aware and provide excellent protection, they consume far more resources than other virtual security solutions.
  • Agentless Security: Agentless security leverages a Virtual Security Appliance (VSA) that offloads the burden from the individual VMs. With agentless virtualization security, consolidation ratios are kept high, and it's fast to deploy and manage.
  • Light Agent Security: Through a combination of deploying a dedicated virtual security appliance together with a small software agent (Light Agent), advanced virtual security capabilities are available for each VM.
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Organizations are embracing the many business benefits of virtualization, including:

  • Energy and IT cost savings
  • Minimized space requirements
  • Improved server provisioning Increased reliability
  • Simplified application deployment
  • Centralized management and monitoring tools
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Rapid launch of new services
  • Decreased hardware costs
  • An easily-scalable, dynamic IT infrastructure

Unfortunately, as the prevalence of virtualization grows, cybercriminals are increasingly looking at virtual environments as a ripe frontier for launching attacks, putting your virtual security at risk. While only a third of IT decision makers possess strong knowledge of their options when it comes to virtualization security, 53 percent of businesses are concerned about their virtual security. Why the disconnect? Find out in Kaspersky Lab’s virtualization security eBook.


Virtualization is often an important element in IT departments' efforts to do more and spend less.

However, with virtual machines comes increased complexity, especially with regards to virtualization security. While virtual machines may be less prone to threats like spyware and ransomware, virtual security is just as vulnerable to malware in the form of malicious email attachments, drive-by-downloads, botnet Trojans and even targeted "spearphishing" attacks.

Kaspersky Lab's virtualization security solution delivers outstanding multi-layered, granular protection for VDI and virtual server environments. We do virtual security in a way nobody else does, without wasting resources or compromising performance, resulting in significantly higher consolidation ratios than are achievable with traditional anti-malware solutions. Kaspersky Lab’s virtualization security solution offers the right balance between performance and protection.

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