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Kaspersky Services

We’ll teach you how to make your business more secure – and help you do it
  • Security awareness training for regular employees and IT staff
  • Professional services to help you deploy your security and keep it performing optimally
  • Premium support to make your Kaspersky security hassle-free

Why opt for services?

“IT security is part of our system administrator’s duties – it’s what they’re paid to do!” – IT manager

People are still the weakest link in any IT system or process, and regular employees continue to be duped by attackers via social engineering. Yet IT generalist admins have an average of only 15 minutes a week to spend on IT security – including deployment, fine-tuning and proper monitoring of corporate defense measures. Clearly, there are gaps to be exploited by cybercriminals, with potentially devastating consequences for the business.

Kaspersky will help you strengthen these weak spots through automated online training and expert assistance from our experienced IT security experts

Kaspersky services for small and medium businesses

Kaspersky Security Awareness

  • Gamified Assessment Tool
    Discover the level of your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge
  • Automated Security Awareness Platform
    Cybersecurity basics training for all employees (online)
  • Cybersecurity for IT Online
    Interactive cybersecurity training for IT generalists

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Kaspersky Professional Services

Relieve the pressure on your resources
  • Assessments
    Check the strength of your cybersecurity posture
  • Implementation
    Ensure that your Kaspersky cybersecurity solutions are implemented properly
  • Maintenance
    Premium support and handling of critical situations
  • Optimization
    Ensure peak performance and hardened protection with your Kaspersky products

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Kaspersky Premium Support

  • Priority support
    Direct phone line, faster resolution
  • Experience and expertise
    Our experts have the solution
  • All day, every day
    24x7x365 support, because problems don’t follow a schedule

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