The number of users attacked by cryptors almost doubled from 2015/16 to 2016/17.

This increase illustrates how widespread this problem is becoming for businesses of all sizes. It is entirely possible that you or someone in your company will be held ransom by a cryptor at some point—a scenario that could have a devastating effect on your business.

Learn how you can prevent such an attack and protect your business by downloading our Practical Guide: Could your business survive a cryptor? It contains valuable information, such as:

  • How criminals use spearphishing and other advanced tactics to target PCs, Macs and Android devices, as well as virtual systems.
  • How much more sophisticated—and dangerous—cryptors have become and how much harder they are to reverse engineer.
  • Why you cannot rely on false remedies promoted on the Internet.

Don’t get held by ransom. Get the facts from our guide on how you can empower your business.

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Could Your Business Survive a Cryptor?

Imagine losing all of your business’s most value data. Your sales records. Customer files. Product information. How would your business cope? Learn how to prevent this devastating scenario by downloading our practical guide, Could Your Business Survive A Cryptor?
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