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KasperskyEndpoint Security for Mac

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac protects against the latest threats without slowing users down or compromising on mobility. It delivers distraction-free security so users can work securely wherever inspiration takes them.

Businesses that use Mac need security that won’t get in the way of their creative flow. If your staff rely on resource-intensive applications to get the job done, the last thing they need is a security solution that consumes too much processing power or battery life – or brings everything to a halt just because of a badly timed update.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac protects Mac desktops and notebooks against the latest cyberthreats, without interrupting workflow.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac can help your business to:

  • Protect two of its most valuable assets – your data and your business process continuity
  • Maintain user productivity – with performance-optimized security that’s designed not to interfere with day-to-day activities
  • Enhance business efficiency – with security that’s easy to roll out and can be managed from the same console as other security functions in your Kaspersky solution

Mac threats can affect your entire business

Although compared to other platforms, macOS is relatively secure, threats targeting Macs are on the increase, and cybercriminals often regard Mac computers as a stepping stone into the broader business network.

All internet-connected Mac computers are vulnerable to security problems – with no exceptions. They’re exposed to many of the same threats that Windows systems experience – including ransomware, Trojans and backdoors – as well as threats associated with user error or software vulnerabilities. In heterogeneous networks, unsecured Mac devices can be an entry point for malware that then targets your business’s Windows and Linux systems.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is designed to address these challenges and provide world-class protection for businesses that rely on Mac.

  • Protection from today's cyberthreats

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides multi-layered protection from modern threats.

    Our proactive security technologies minimize the opportunities for threats to reach your endpoints – and help to identify and block threats that do get onto your Mac computers.

    • Cloud-assisted threat intelligence – boosts security

      Millions of Kaspersky customers around the world voluntarily provide anonymized threat data from their devices to the Kaspersky Security Network. This cloud-based threat lab gathers and stores massive volumes of metadata from suspicious files so it can make rapid, accurate decisions about the safety of files and web addresses without having to fully analyze their content. This helps to protect businesses from unknown threats.

    • Attack blocking – helps keep your network secure

      Our Network Threat Protection helps to prevent network threats – including port scanning, denial-of-service attacks and buffer-overruns. It constantly monitors network activities and, if it detects suspicious behavior, Network Threat Protection will run pre-defined responses.

    • Web protection and anti-phishing – blocks harmful scripts & threats

      Our Web Threat Protection delivers a near 100% threat detection rate of incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks harmful scripts.

      Heuristic analysis checks web addresses for characteristics that are typical of phishing websites to help stop users from inadvertently visiting malicious websites and disclosing valuable business information.

    • Web control – prevents time-wasting

      The Web Control component can restrict or block access to specific categories of web resources. This prevents time-wasting and potential data leaks on social networks and instant messaging services.

    • Real-time scanning – delivers early protection

      To detect and neutralize threats before they penetrate IT systems and cause harm, files are scanned in real-time before they're opened, copied, run or saved.

    • Security beyond Mac – helps stop threats spreading to other systems

      As well as detecting and blocking threats that target Mac computers, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac also looks for Windows and Linux threats that may be on one of your Mac computers. Although these threats won't actually harm a Mac, they can harm other machines on your network. These threats can be blocked before they spread from your Mac and infect your PCs and Windows or Linux servers.

    Low impact on users and systems

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides world-class security that has low impact on resources – and on user productivity.

    • Efficient performance – preserves speed and battery life

      Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is designed for efficiency to minimize use of key system resources including the CPU and disk.

    • Intelligent scanning technology – boosts efficiency

      Intelligent, proprietary iSwift / iChecker technology ensures that frequently accessed files aren't re-scanned unnecessarily, significantly reducing the load on your systems.

    Centralized administration – simplifies security management

    While a range of preconfigured security scenarios – and pre-set security policies – help you to roll out security policies more efficiently, you also have the flexibility to adjust parameters to suit specific needs.

    All security functions are easily controlled from a single management console – Kaspersky Security Center – that also acts as a central point for managing many other Kaspersky security applications.

    • Remote deployment – saves time and effort

      Administrators can install, manage and remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac remotely.

    • Central console – simplifies administration tasks

      Kaspersky Security Center makes it easier to configure, deploy, update and manage security. It simplifies the application of group tasks, policies and policy profiles and the generation of reports. Three management options are available:

      • The Kaspersky Security Center MMC console
      • The Kaspersky Security Center's Web Console
      • The Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console
    • Built-in encryption management – keeps valuable data safe

      Administrators can use the Kaspersky Security Center console to manage data encryption technologies for multiple platforms, including FileVault 2 for Mac.

    How to buy

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is included in:

    The above products can also be purchased on subscription, with flexible, monthly licensing. Please check with your local partner about subscription options in your country – you can see the relevant system requirements here

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