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    Smartphone Threats: What You Should Know About Smartphone Security

    Mobile device use is on the rise because smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming more powerful as companies embrace the idea of bring your own device (BYOD) policies and allow users to access corporate networks with personal technology.

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    How to detect spyware to safeguard your privacy?

    Spyware is software that secretly infects your computer to monitor and report on your activity and provide information to a third party. It might track websites you visit, files you download, your location (if you're on a smartphone), your emails, contacts, payment information or even passwords to your accounts.
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    Is 5G Technology Dangerous? - Pros and Cons of 5G Network

    What is 5G and is it dangerous? How will it affect smartphones and internet security in the future? Learn what you need to know about 5G cyber security.
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    Smartphone Battery Saving Tips

    Need smartphone battery saving tips? Learn how to get the most out of your smartphone battery life and avoid costly replacements.
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    Instagram Scams: How to Stay Safe on Instagram

    What’s an Instagram scam? Worried about Instagram phishing? As this trend in online fraud grows, learn how to avoid being another victim.
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    Smart Speaker Security - Tips to make sure your smart Speaker is secure

    Are IoT smart speakers safe? Learn how you can protect your home and privacy with these smart speaker safety tips.
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    Why IoT Security Is Important for Your Home Network

    Is your smart home at risk? We tell you how to secure your IoT devices and ensure the safety of your home network. Read now to protect your IoT network.
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    What is a security breach?

    A security breach is any incident that results in unauthorized access to computer data, applications, networks or devices. It results in information being accessed without authorization. Typically, it occurs when an intruder is able to bypass security mechanisms.
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    Ways to avoid social engineering attacks

    When we think about cyber-security, most of us think about defending ourselves against hackers who use technological weaknesses to attack data networks. But there's another way into organizations and networks, and that's taking advantage of human weakness. This is known as social engineering, which involves tricking someone into divulging information or enabling access to data networks.
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    Ways hackers can violate your online privacy

    The world of technology is always evolving and so is our relationship with the internet. Back in the 1990s, the only thing you seemingly had to worry about was your email. Then, you started banking online and now, your smartphone's connected, you have Facebook… and pretty much your whole life is online. And you're always being tracked. Your entire browsing history is stored by your ISP, tracked by Facebook and perhaps other advertisers. Even your IoT devices might be reporting on you. So, keeping things private is already quite a big ask — even before the hackers get involved…
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