Do you have a funny feeling that you’re being watched? If so, you’re in the same boat as a lot of other Internet users. A substantial proportion of respondents to a Kaspersky survey on consumer security risks admitted they worry about surveillance from webcams malware. And that’s not their only concern. With criminals constantly plotting new ways to access sensitive data, computer and mobile device users are facing a growing array of increasingly cunning cyberthreats.

Who’s Covering Up Their Webcam?

When it comes to online spying, some people would rather be safe than sorry. Kaspersky surveyed 11,135 people aged 16 and older in 23 countries to find out who’s covering up their webcam. Are baby boomers more likely to take this precaution than members of the wired generation? Where is this practice most widespread? The results shown in our infographic may surprise you.

Infographic: Webcam Spying: An Eye on Online Anxieties

Webcam Worries and Other Cyberfears

How prevalent are worries about webcam malware compared to other common cyberfears? Are people more likely to be anxious about online risks to their money? Their identity? Or their country’s security? This infographic zeroes in on the answers. Find out how your own concerns about Internet safety stack up against those of survey respondents from around the globe.

Infographic: Webcam Spying: An Eye on Online Anxieties