Kaspersky Virus Scanner Pro for Mac

Kaspersky Virus Scanner Pro for Mac

  • Defends against infected downloads

    Automatically defends against infected downloaded files

    Kaspersky Virus Scanner Pro automatically checks all the files in your downloads folder – and helps you deal with infected files.

  • Helps you find and remove Mac malware

    Your Mac is scanned for a wide range of viruses, Trojans and more – then you get easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix any problems that our scanner finds.

    Removes Mac Malware
  • Removes PC viruses and Android viruses – as well as Mac infections

    Removes any infections on your Mac

    Our tool helps you remove PC and Android infections from your Mac – so you don’t pass viruses to your friends’ and colleagues’ PCs and mobile devices.


*Product may not be available in your country.

**Available on PCs & Mac computers only.



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System Requirements

  • General requirements
    • Internet connection required - for product activation & updates and for access to some features
    Mac desktops and laptops
    • 400 MB free space on the hard drive
    • OS X 10.9 − macOS 10.13
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