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Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

  • Inform your experts
    By supplying them with rich and meaningful context across the entire incident management cycle
  • Stay ahead of your adversaries
    With in-depth visibility into cyberthreats targeting your organization

Explore our full portfolio

Technical, tactical, operational and strategic intelligence

 Threat Data Feeds
Threat Data Feeds
Enhance the detection capabilities of your existing security controls
Quickly operationalize your various threat intelligence feeds
 Threat Lookup
Threat Lookup
Effectively investigate threats by revealing their various relationships
 Cloud Sandbox
Cloud Sandbox
Make an intelligent decision based on file and URL behavior
 Threat Attribution Engine
Threat Attribution Engine
Attribute threats to known adversaries to enable the proper response
 Digital Footprint Intelligence
Digital Footprint Intelligence
Explore the risks associated with your company’s digital footprint
 APT Intelligence Reporting
APT Intelligence Reporting
Get insights into APT actors targeting your industry and region
 Crimeware Intelligence Reporting
Crimeware Intelligence Reporting
Understand and successfully combat crimeware threats
 ICS Reporting
ICS Reporting
Understand cyberthreats affecting industrial organizations
 Threat Infrastructure Tracking
Threat Infrastructure Tracking
Track threat infrastructures to mitigate ongoing and upcoming attacks
 Takedown Service
Takedown Service
Request fully managed takedowns of malicious and phishing domains
 Ask the Analyst
Ask the Analyst
Augment your existing resources with our unique expertise

Choose specific products and services or sign up for our tiered subscription

APT Intelligence ReportingExecutive summaries + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rules
Crimeware Intelligence ReportingExecutive summaries + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rules
ICS ReportingExecutive summaries + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rulesFull reports + IoCs and Yara rules
Digital Footprint Intelligence1 report + notifications for 6 months2 reports + annual notifications4 reports + annual notifications
Threat Lookup50 requests a day100 requests a day 200 requests a day
Cloud Sandbox5 requests a day10 requests a day20 requests a day
Threat Attribution Engine5 requests a day10 requests a day20 requests a day
Threat Infrastructure tracking-Country-levelWorldwide
Ask the Analyst-5 requests a year10 requests a year
Takedown Service-10 requests a month10 requests a month

Product features

Enable instant threat detection, analysis and alert prioritization

  • Continuously updated and globally sourced threat data ensures close to zero false positive rates

  • Rich and meaningful context guides further investigation

  • Delivery formats and mechanisms allow easy integration into security controls

  • Powerful threat intelligence platform enables smooth integration, rapid matching and comprehensive analysis of any threat intelligence feed

Boost your incident investigation and threat hunting missions

  • Unified real-time searches across surface, dark web and Kaspersky’s sources

  • Complex investigation graphs to visually explore threat relationships and identify unobvious commonalities

  • Patented sandboxing technology incorporating advanced anti-evasion and human-simulating technologies exposes even the most advanced threats

  • The unique threat attribution engine based on 25+ years of outstanding threat research provides insights into the origin of malware and its possible authors

  • Chrome plugin to immediately look up threat intelligence from ‘surfed’ web pages

Make fully-informed tactical and strategic decisions with our guidance

  • Detailed information about adversaries targeting your organization, industry, technologies and the region in which your company operates with all the associated Indicators of Compromise, Yara rules and available countermeasures

  • Timely information on the risks associated with your organization's digital footprint allowing you to focus defensive strategies on the areas identified as prime cyberattack targets

  • Comprehensive view over your threat landscape helping you to make fully-informed budgeting and staffing decisions

Get on-demand support from the world-leading threat intelligence analysts

  • Guidance and insights into specific threats you’re facing or interested in from industry experts without the need to search for and invest in hiring hard to find full-time specialists

  • Unified request-based subscription tailors Kaspersky’s powerful threat intelligence and research capabilities to deliver highly contextualized custom intelligence

  • End-to-end takedown management enabling swift action to minimize your digital risk so your team can focus on other priority tasks

Out-of-the-box integrations

Integrate your security tools with Kaspersky Threat Intelligence with out-of-the-box connectors or our robust RESTful API

AlienVault USM

Splunk Enterprise Security

Fortinet FortiSIEM

IBM QRadar

ArcSight ESM

RSA NetWitness

Elastic SIEM

LogRhythm SIEM

McAfee ESM

Case studies

Explore examples of Kaspersky Threat Intelligence at work in the field

Customer reviews

Read what our customers think according to Gartner Peer Insights

High quality information

“We like the quality of the provided information. When you are in the situation with many unknown factors, the service helps a lot. You can quickly understand that kind of threat you are facing right now and what it can do to your infrastructure.”
by IT Manager - Services

Tailored service

“We like that the service is tailored and customized to your company. You consume only relevant information about potential threats and attacks. This helps us to be ready for any attack and prepare our infrastructure accordingly to the provided reports.”
by Information Security Manager - Transportation

Actionable intelligence

“We like that the provided content can be applied immediately. We use indicators of compromise to scan our endpoints with our EDR solution. We also like information about APT groups presented in APT reports, that we can download on the Kaspersky TIP Portal. This information can be used to get ready for the potential attacks.”
by Information Security Manager - Retail


A leader

The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

451 Research – Kaspersky highlights its threat intelligence portfolio

White Papers

Learn more, with thought leadership from our globally recognized cybersecuirty experts

The power of threat attribution

Challenges and benefits of cyberthreat attribution

Evaluating threat intelligence sources

How to identify the most relevant threat intelligence sources

Facing up to complexity

How to deal with complex cyber-incidents caused by modern sophisticated threats

Related products

 APT Intelligence Reporting
APT Intelligence Reporting
Exclusive and timely insights into high-profile cyber-espionage campaigns
Enable effective threat intelligence management
Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response
KasperskyManaged Detection and Response
Continuously hunting, detecting and responding to threats targeting your enterprise
 Threat Attribution Engine
Threat Attribution Engine
An unrivaled malware analysis tool providing insights into the origin of malware and its possible authors

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