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Case Studies

More than 270,000 organizations world-wide are protected by Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions. No matter what type of organization, data, or business process needs to be protected, we make sure that our customers feel confident they have the right IT security solution in place.

Ferrari S.p.A.
Solution: Endpoint Security, Cybersecurity Services

Ferrari took a strategic decision to choose Kaspersky as their IT Security provider. They wanted to introduce more stringent IT security measures, both to protect their core business and to ensure an increase in safety.

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Next Generation technologies and multilayered approach form the foundation of our high-profile solution to protect consumer and business from any type of cyber attacks

Machine Learning
ML-based technologies are used in both products and infrastructure.
Targeted Attack protection
Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform (KATA) protects against targeted attacks.
Behavior Analysis
Behavior Monitoring with Memory Protection provide the most efficient way to protect against advanced threats and...