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Kaspersky Private Security Network

Private global threat intelligence for isolated or compliance restricted networks

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Critical Enterprise Cybersecurity Concerns

Address critical enterprise cybersecurity concerns – without a single piece of data leaving the local network:

  • Identify the source of malware and prevent its spread

  • Identify and differentiate between targeted attacks and more general threats

  • Minimize damage caused by cybersecurity incidents

  • Assess incident investigation and remediation requirements

  • Reduce false positives

  • Comply with strict regulatory, security and privacy standards

What We Offer

All the benefits of cloud-based threat intelligence – without the need to share information outside the local network.

  • Real Time Threat Intelligence

    Global threat intelligence from Kaspersky Lab provides all the information needed – in real time – to mitigate daily security incidents and investigate potential attacks.

  • Rapid Threat Detection

    Standard security solutions take up to four hours to detect and block new malware. Kaspersky Private Security Network takes about 40 seconds – without a single piece of data leaving your local network.

  • Immediate Response

    Immediate response and reaction capabilities, driven by the latest, cloud-based threat intelligence – delivered within the controlled, local network.

What it Gives to Your Business

Kaspersky Private Security Network can be installed within the organization’s own data center; in-house IT specialists retain complete control over it. You keep all the benefits of cloud-assisted security without compromising on privacy.

  • Unique threat intelligence on the latest, most sophisticated attacks, delivered within the controlled, local network

  • Comply with strict regulatory, security and privacy standards

  • Adapt for critical network isolation – including ‘air gap’ requirements

  • Real-time protection from advanced threats – without the need to transfer data outside the organization

  • Flexible deployment and piloting options

  • Enhance protection, detection and reaction times while reducing false positives


Suitable for

  • Enterprise customers with strict data control requirements

  • Government agencies and organizations

  • Telecommunications companies

  • Energy and industrial companies with physically isolated networks

  • Service providers

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