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Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity Platform

Native Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform for critical infrastructure protection. The core of the OT cybersecurity ecosystem.


With the advent of hacktivism and targeted cyber-aggression, choosing a trusted partner with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of industrial cybersecurity has become one of the top priorities for industry leaders and developing companies alike. Establishing secure and extensive protection for industrial systems – including industrial control and automation systems (IACS) and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) – is now one of the most important conditions for ensuring stable and successful operations for any enterprise.

Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity is a native Extended Detection and Response (EDR) platform for comprehensive protection of industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure. Without impacting on technological processes or system availability, it protects critical modern and legacy OT assets, automaton systems, and Ethernet-based industrial networks.

Platform components

KICS Platform

Native XDR platform for industrial enterprises, created and certified to protect modern and legacy OT equipment and networks from cyber-initiated threats. The platform consists of integrated technologies that secure all components of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

KICS for Networks

A flexible device-agnostic OT network traffic analysis, detection and response product. It acts as a site-level central server within the platform.

KICS for Nodes

An industrial-grade product offering low-impact endpoint protection, detection and response for Linux and Windows environments. It acts as an endpoint sensor within the platform.

Key features

Network traffic analysis, detection and response
Traffic analysis identifies anomalies and threats, and ensures the appropriate response.
Endpoint protection, detection and response
Malware protection, device/application control, and an optional installation-free solution.
Audit, risk and vulnerability assessment
Audit and OT-specific risk and vulnerability management with regular reporting.
Asset management
Multiple data-gathering methods to unlock automatic asset inventory.
Network visibility
A network communications map and a network topology diagram.
Development vectors
Enhances NTA, SecOps, security audit functionality and Linux support.

Key benefits


Creating safe, secure environments requires a joint effort, which is why Kaspersky increasingly collaborates with industrial automation vendors. We conduct certification and interoperability tests, prepare reference models, and integrate our diverse products and solutions. We provide mature, well-tested tools to help construct fault-tolerant, secure industrial systems.

  • 137 certified systems from 55 vendors
  • 12 national and international certificates
Find out more about our extensive experience serving over a thousand industrial enterprises worldwide, through industry-specific case studies in the following industries: Power Grid, Plants, and Utilities; Oil, Gas, and Chemicals; Minerals, Metals, and Mining; High-profile Manufacturing; Logistics and Transportation.

Custom solutions for every situation

Get specialized protection where you need it most

IT cybersecurity

Kaspersky’s Enterprise Portfolio reflects the security demands of today’s businesses, responding to the needs of organizations at different levels of maturity through a stage-by-stage approach.

OT cybersecurity

Kaspersky OT CyberSecurity is an ecosystem of technologies, knowledge, and expertise that protects industrial enterprises at every level. It offers a unified vision of comprehensive protection for industrial enterprises.

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