Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

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Adaptive protection against advanced threats targeting your business

The Product

Secure diverse environments

The evolution of IT infrastructures has ramped up, blurring the boundaries of office walls. Endpoints located outside your corporate perimeter are easy targets for attackers.

We make it easy for you to adapt to new ways of working. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business technologies have won more awards than any other vendor, and whether it’s from the cloud or on-premise, we deliver flexible management and security. Built-in firewalls and behavioral analysis together with endpoint hardening and anomaly control reduce your exposure to cyberattacks without slowing you down.

Our customers value the results that Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business delivers – as confirmed by independent tests, surveys and reports.

Multiplatform Adaptive Security

Adaptive Security identifies abnormal behavior, automatically detecting and remediating evasive ransomware and in particular fileless threats as they try to mimic common behavior like PowerShell script execution.

Four Deployment Models

Hybrid deployment is no problem - our cloud and Linux or Windows on-premises consoles work together effortlessly, making it suitable for mixed environments and Linux ‘shops’. We provide the SaaS console and take care of its upgrades at no extra cost.

Granular Endpoint Controls

Granular Endpoint Controls reduce the opportunities for human error by preventing risky behavior on endpoints. This is achieved with features like Anomaly, Application, Web and Device Controls, and other defensive capabilities.

Critical Server Protection

Agile threat protection has been developed specifically for high-performance application and file-share servers on Linux or Windows Server. Business-critical email or web- gateway servers receive targeted security as well.

Unified Endpoint Management

Built-in OS, third-party software deployment and vulnerability and patch management deliver painless, streamlined automation of routine tasks for branches and home offices – a critical yet often overlooked issue.

Ready for GDPR

Certified encryption functions and remote wipe protect corporate data and confidential customer information to help you achieve key compliance goals, including GDPR.

High Performance

A unique cloud mode for endpoint components uses global threat intelligence and delivers powerful defenses with minimal impact on PC resources. And we can prove it - see our awards.

Straightforward Migration

Straightforward migration from third-party endpoint protection helps ensure a smooth, error-free transition, while a post-deployment quality assurance audit service can confirm that the configuration is correct.

Endpoint Protection Platforms

Endpoint Protection Platforms

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The Use

  • Adaptive Security

    • Helps to secure diverse environments with proven defenses and flexible console with multiple deployment models
    • Reduces the number of endpoint incidents that have to be processed manually
    • Lets you organically add new technologies, including EDR and other capabilities, without having to reinstall on endpoints

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  • Granular Endpoint Controls

    • Reduce the risk of your employees from exposing your business, and themselves, to an attack
    • Help to meet compliance requirements while providing the flexibility to outsource IT security management
    • Protect your data with built-in encryption management, remote wipe and other technologies for various OSs

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  • Unified Endpoint Management

    • Decreases your TCO by automating different tasks within a single product
    • Ensures that your IT estate is patched, managed from the cloud or the on-premise console
    • Supports your business continuity by supervising any device – at work, at your home office, on the go… everywhere

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Suitable for

This product is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of the following enterprise sectors.


Premium Support and Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in almost 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium Support packages (MSA) to drive maximum value from our solutions with Kaspersky Health Check.

Case Studies

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White Papers

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Security Challenges

The global threat environment is evolving exponentially, putting critical business processes, confidential data and financial resources at increasing risk from zero-day attacks. Be prepared –Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business mitigates the risks that these threats pose to your business:

  • <p>Ransomware and crypto-locker attacks threatening your data</p>

    Ransomware and crypto-locker attacks threatening your data

  • <p>Phishing attacks on employees</p>

    Phishing attacks on employees

  • <p><a href="" target="_blank">Bodiless malware</a> that's hard to detect</p>

    Bodiless malware that's hard to detect

  • <p>Exploitation of vulnerabilities, including zero-days</p>

    Exploitation of vulnerabilities, including zero-days

  • <p>The loss of sensitive data from a lost or stolen device</p>

    The loss of sensitive data from a lost or stolen device

  • <p>Lost productivity due to a malware epidemic</p>

    Lost productivity due to a malware epidemic

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