Catch Kaspersky Lab at VMworld

Heading to VMworld? Be sure to catch up with Kaspersky Lab there.

This week, the team at Kaspersky Lab will head to Las Vegas for the annual VMworld conference (we’re at Booth #1431, come say hi). Given the recent happenings in cyberspace, from WannaCry to GoT hacks to NotPetya, there is a lot weighing on the minds of security and business pros around the world.

Everyone wants to know if they are protected or wants insights into what steps they can take to make sure their data and employees are safe.  All of this comes at a time when they are unwilling to sacrifice the need for speed and best-in-class user experience.

Not a tough task to tackle at all. No one is really asking THAT much now, are they?

If you ask our team on-site (Booth #1431), they’ll share their experience in helping to protect assets in the Cloud as well as on physical devices and provide thoughts on the best security approaches that we’ve seen our clients (and, of course, what we do in-house).

Want to know more? Well, be sure to look for our team at the event or stop by the Citrix booth on September 28 at 4 pm (Booth #1307) where we will discuss securing VDI. We’re excited to be attending the event and looking forward to learning more about what is going on in the space as well as hearing pain points from end users like you.If you can’t make it and want to see how we can help secure your VDI, check out a case study here.

Those in attendance at the event can also head to the Solution Exchange Theater where the team will host two presentations where we will discuss the importance of virtualization technologies and the providing the power and flexibility that organizations need. This coverage is equaled with the need for security and protection from global threats like Wannacry. For those curious of the security and speed tradeoffs, we’ll also discuss how we have seen customers not sacrifice what they are looking for while getting the flexibility of VDI.

If you are at VMworld, be sure to swing by to see how we can help you, or to just answer any questions that you may have. Our full schedule can be found here.