Kaspersky Security Cloud: The right security at the right time

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a service that protects you and your family from cyberthreats, also offering a personal security assistant and a handful of useful utilities when you need them.

Kaspersky Security Cloud: The right security at the right time

Security is complex, and staying on the safe side requires a lot of daily work. Big companies have special IT security departments with huge budgets, whose only task is to ensure that everything is safe and sound.

The average home user doesn’t employ a team of infosec specialists, so their protection is usually up to them and them alone. Installing a security solution on every device is a must, but nowadays that isn’t enough — to stay safe you have to know what’s going on in the cyberworld, because threats are not limited to malware.

And to keep up, you have to read security news on a daily basis. Sites such as Threatpost.com can help you with that mission. Still, dozens of security stories each week add up to a lot of time invested in staying informed about just one aspect of the world. Actually, we have another option!

Here comes Kaspersky Security Cloud

To address the problem of staying informed, as well as several other issues, we are happy to present the solution to all of your security concerns: Kaspersky Security Cloud. Think of it as a security service customized on the go for your specific needs that includes a personal security advisor to protect not just your devices, but your devices’ owners — you and your family.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is the first consumer solution to feature adaptive security — a new technology that is based on the US7584508B1 patent. We believe it is a perfect fit for everyone because it can be tailored to anyone’s specific needs. Actually, we believe that the future is with adaptive security. Here’s how it works.

First, Kaspersky Security Cloud is a modular solution. By default, it offers only the level of protection that every device needs — but it also includes a set of advanced security features and, let’s say, a brain that activates those features only when you need them.

For example, you definitely require another layer of protection when checking e-mail over free Wi-Fi in a café. If you do that, Kaspersky Security Cloud detects that you are using an insecure Internet connection and activates Secure Connection — a VPN that encrypts your data and secures it from spying eyes.

Or, say, if you create a new account on some service and choose a password that’s too easy to crack, Kaspersky Security Cloud suggests using a longer, more secure password. If you use just one password for different services, it reminds you how insecure that is. One of the additional features in Kaspersky Security Cloud is a Password Manager, so there’s no need to remember lots of long passwords if you don’t want to.

Information when you need it

Another new feature in Kaspersky Security Cloud provides you with security news and other information that is personally relevant to your security.

For example, if a service that you use is compromised and its password database is stolen, you need to change that password as soon as possible to secure your account. Kaspersky Security Cloud notifies you about such incidents — but won’t bother you about services that you don’t use. Leaks happen every now and then, but not all of them affect everyone.

Kaspersky Security Cloud’s adaptive security comes in handy in other ways as well. For example, it detects if an unknown device has connected to your private home network and informs you about that so that you can either ensure it’s protected as well or disconnect it if you don’t want it in your home network.

Adaptive security for everything, everywhere

We’ve mentioned only a few of Kaspersky Security Cloud’s functions here. There are more already, and the service is constantly developing, so more and more adaptive security features will be added. Kaspersky Security Cloud will be the first of our products to roll out new features, so its security will always be top notch and will include a broad spectrum of handy utilities for most situations you might encounter.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is provided on a subscription basis and is tied to the My Kaspersky portal. You can choose a Personal subscription for one user, which includes one account and protection for thr ee or five devices, or a Family subscription with 20 accounts and protection for 20 devices, as well as special adaptive protection for children. As far as operating systems, Kaspersky Security Cloud is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, so you are protected whatever you do and wherever you go.

It would be tough to cram all of the features of Kaspersky Security Cloud into just one short post — the full feature list alone is longer than this entire post. But you can try Kaspersky Security Cloud yourself and see what it has to offer: It’s already available in North America. Try it for 30 days free; thereafter the service starts at $89.99 per year for one account and three devices.