David Jacoby

Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

David joined Kaspersky in 2010 as a senior security researcher for the Nordic and BeNeLux regions. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is part of the Global Research and Analysis Team where his principle responsibility covers research and technical PR activities in the same regions.

David has about 15 years’ experience as an IT security professional. His current tasks often include vulnerability and security research. He has a background in performing penetration tests and security audits mostly on Unix and Linux platforms. He is also passionate about securing web applications. His research mainly focuses on improving public awareness of the threats we face. He is also a well-known speaker at the top security conferences around the world where he talks about current and pressing threats, and how we can improve awareness and fight cybercrime.

Prior to joining Kaspersky, David worked in vulnerability research and vulnerability management. He held the role of senior security researcher, advisor and consultant at TrueSec AB. Before joining TrueSec AB in 2008, David worked for seven years at Outpost24, starting out as chief hacker and rising to vice president for customer experience by the time he left the company.

Other Members of This Team

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