Alexander Gostev

Chief Security Expert, Global Research & Analysis Team

Alexander is a unique, multi-disciplinary infosecurity expert and one of the world's most prominent security professionals. He has been with Kaspersky Lab since 2002, leading its anti-malware research group from 2005, which specialises in analyzing mobile threats. In 2008, he founded the Global Research & Analysis Team, leading the unit before moving to his current position of Chief Security Expert in 2010.

His responsibilities include deep investigation of new malware, analyzing the most complicated aspect of information security - cyber-espionage and highly targeted attacks, advanced threat actors and attacks, cyber-warfare and cyber-weapons. In addition to complex malware issues, Alexander focuses on global cybercrime issues, trends and predictions, and the field of corporate threats. His research and analytical articles are published both on dedicated IT sites and in the mass media. He is also editor-in-chief of

Before joining Kaspersky Lab, Alexander held various IT and security related positions in both public and private organizations. He became involved in anti-malware research in 1996 when he founded an anti-virus expertise center in the Komi Republic - a large territory in the North-West of Russia. Since 1998 he's been Project Coordinator of Wildlist Russia - an initiative aimed at collecting and analyzing data about malware outbreaks in the Russian Federation.

Other Members of This Team

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    Deputy Director, Global Research & Analysis Team

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