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Woburn, MA – May 20, 2024 – Fifty nine percent of geographically distributed businesses experienced network problems related to their multi-site structure at least once a month, Kaspersky has found. Among the most common challenges named were network outages, lost connections and poor performance of services and applications.

The latest Kaspersky report “Managing geographically distributed businesses: challenges and solutions” provides insights into the network security challenges faced by geo-distributed companies while building and maintaining their multi-site infrastructure. It also highlights problems related to comprehensive information protection of all their offices.[1]

According to this report, 46% of geo-distributed companies encountered network problems between one and three times per month, while 13% stated they experienced network challenges every week. The remaining 40% of businesses said they faced these problems only a few times per year or didn’t face them at all.

In the United States, 12% said they encounter challenges at least once a week, while 32% said it happens two or three times per month.

Regarding the most common challenges, network failures or outages were the most widespread issue among companies (55%). Loss of connectivity and poor performance of services and applications was experienced by 45% of respondents. Among other network problems respondents also named inadequate connection capacity (37%) and complete or partial network shutdown (32%).

"As we can see, geo-distributed organizations encountered network problems quite often,” said Maxim Kaminsky, business development manager, Secure Access Service Edge, Kaspersky. “Given the importance of network infrastructure for modern businesses, any network downtime and IT issues carry a huge risk that can lead to reputational and financial losses. Therefore, it’s important to take timely measures to secure company’s networks and implement solutions that enable centralized and automated network management, providing businesses with a clear view of what’s happening in their multi-site IT infrastructure."

To minimize the possibility of network problems, Kaspersky experts recommend the use of dedicated solutions like Kaspersky SD-WAN, which manages the entire corporate network from a single console. This product converges separate communication channels and network functions across companies, making the construction of reliable networks easier and enabling the connection of new branches with a zero-touch experience.

The full report with more findings on the challenges facing geo-distributed companies is available via this link.

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[1] Within this research, Kaspersky questioned 1,000 respondents from 20 countries: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, USA, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia.

Most geo-distributed companies encounter network problems at least once a month

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