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Woburn, MA – May 26, 2023 — Kaspersky today announces a new edition of its endpoint security product containing enterprise-level capabilities for SMBs. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro now includes new features such as root-cause analysis, cloud discovery and blocking, data discovery and integrated cybersecurity training for IT administrators. The cloud-based solution offers diverse functionality making it easy to use, and enables companies to protect their business with no additional capital investments.

According to a recent Kaspersky study into the state of IT security within the organizations, SMBs plan to increase security budgets over the next three years by up to 14 percent. The two main reasons for this are the increased complexity of IT infrastructure and the need to improve the level of specialist security expertise within the company. 

Responding to this need, Kaspersky introduces the new version of Endpoint Security Cloud Pro. It offers SMBs a wide range of opportunities to enhance cybersecurity within the company and educate IT employees using advanced technologies. The cloud-based solution also allows companies to manage cybersecurity through a console with many automated scenarios, and does not require investing capital in hardware or a complicated deployment process. 

Training program on board

Cybersecurity training for IT administrators is an interactive training program to build strong cybersecurity and first-level incident response skills for general IT specialists. The course includes theory, interactive assignments with simulated environments and a certification. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro contains integrated training with six modules:

  • Malicious software
  • Potentially unwanted programs and files
  • Investigation basics
  • Phishing incident response
  • Server security
  • Active Directory security

According to product usage statistics, Active Directory Security, Investigation Basics and Malicious Software were the three most popular integrated cybersecurity training modules for IT administrators over the last year. The integration of the product into Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro gives companies an opportunity to get full comprehensive training with no additional investment in separate training programs for IT specialists.

A wide range of cybersecurity features

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro includes a broad range of functions that help control and enhance the cybersecurity infrastructure easily through the cloud from any place and device. 

Root cause analysis and IoC scanning for unknown threat prevention is an enterprise-grade cybersecurity tool that provides users with threat visibility, simple investigation tools and automated response to identified risks. It also uncovers the full scope of the threat and its origins so consequences can be mitigated rapidly. 

To avoid the risk of data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents through third-party cloud services and apps, customers can use block action in Cloud Discovery. This allows the opportunity to investigate Shadow IT within the organization, keep control of infrastructure and restrict unsanctioned cloud services or selected users on the network. 

With the Data Discovery function, companies can rely on preset templates to identify confidential and sensitive information related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and payment data. The tool allows users to expose shared data via Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online with the level of access (public, corporate, private) and provide error correction to maintain data integrity and meet compliance goals.

“Due to the active spread of distributed teams and remote work, businesses are increasingly moving to cloud-based solutions including cybersecurity,” said Kirill Litvin, senior product Marketing manager at Kaspersky. “With Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, a company can be assured there is protection at all the endpoints, whether it's an employee’s computer in the office, a remote laptop, the phone of a specialist who is working on-the-go. Training also has become an important addition to the product as many IT administrators in charge of SMB’s IT infrastructure are interested in advancing in the field of cybersecurity and need training programs to improve their expertise. By purchasing Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro, a company gets two solutions in one: protection anytime anywhere and the strong growth of IT specialists’ expertise.”

To learn more about opportunities that Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides, please visit the website, and to begin a trial version, please visit the Kaspersky Business Hub page.

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Kaspersky introduces Endpoint Security Cloud Pro offering new features for SMBs

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