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Woburn, MA – September 21, 2023 – Today Kaspersky unveiled the complete roster of speakers and sessions for its upcoming Security Analyst Summit (SAS), taking place October 25-28 in Phuket, Thailand. This year's SAS will spotlight top cybersecurity experts and industry leaders from around the globe, including standout names from organizations including G Data, Mandiant, Cluster 25, Diplo, Yandex, Red Cross and more. They will address pressing cybersecurity challenges, ranging from digital emblem protection to the intricacies of ransomware.

The SAS 2023 program was meticulously curated to address the most pressing issues and innovations in the cybersecurity realm. Sessions will delve into new activities of advanced persistent threats, the challenges and solutions in digitizing traditional protective emblems, and the exploration of large language models in the fight against phishing. 

"We are honored to host such a distinguished and diverse lineup of speakers and experts for this year's Security Analyst Summit," said Igor Kuznetsov, director at Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team. “In the realm of cybersecurity, collaboration isn't just beneficial – it's imperative. Our conference provides a unique platform for professionals to unite, leveraging diverse perspectives and collective intelligence. Together, we create a driving force against evolving threats, shaping a resilient digital landscape.” 

The summit's keynote, "Marking for Protection: Digitalizing the Red Cross Emblem," will be delivered by Mauro Vignati of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This session will explore the challenges and benefits of transitioning the iconic Red Cross emblem into the digital realm, ensuring its protective message remains potent in an increasingly digital world. 

Furthermore, Kaspersky's GReAT team will delve into the details of the Operation Triangulation campaign. This session will unravel the discovery of a complex targeted attack, shedding light on its components, including a zero-click exploit chain and a modular APT platform. 

Additionally, the summit will spotlight the discovery and analysis of new malware campaigns, the optimization of threat detection on a national scale, and the importance of securing supply chains in the open-source era. With a blend of technical deep dives, panel discussions, and impromptu sessions, attendees will gain a holistic understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape and the tools to navigate it.

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Kaspersky announces full lineup for the 2023 Security Analyst Summit (SAS)

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