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Woburn, MA – April 16, 2021 - In its report titled “Market Trends: Software-Defined Vehicles Will Disrupt the Automotive Supply Chain” Gartner has listed Kaspersky as a “vendor to watch” for its KasperskyOS. The report analyzes trends of the software-defined vehicles of the future and is aimed at the latest breed of technology service providers disrupting the automotive supply chain.

The automotive industry is now shifting to a new car architecture, in which software will control vehicle functionality. Even traditional automakers are rethinking the way their cars operate, and they now see a future of its vehicles as software-defined.

In its report, Gartner noted that Kaspersky’s microkernel operating system (KasperskyOS) among others is an “example of different vehicle operating systems that utilize a hypervisor to enable increased flexibility and constrain functionality of applications, making it easier for automakers to deploy different applications onto their vehicle fleets”.

Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform powered by KasperskyOS is an advanced specialized Software Development Kit (SDK). It allows the creation of secure and compliant solutions for various electronic control units in software-defined vehicles such as telecommunications, digital cockpits, driver assistance and autopilot systems. Software built with Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform allows protection from cyberattacks, communication disruptions, exploitable legacy software and unreliable third-party components - all vulnerabilities for the next generation of car systems.

“Software-defined vehicles are made up of computers that control everything from the engine and brakes, to the entertainment and navigation systems,” comments Evgeniya Ponomareva, business development manager for the transportation and automotive industry, KasperskyOS Business Unit. “Ensuring the cybersecurity of tens of millions of cars manufactured every year is critical to make them trusted and reliable. Thanks to Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform, car manufacturers are able to focus on the functionality of their products knowing their security is in safe hands.”

More information about Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform is available here.

Gartner’s “Market Trends: Software-Defined Vehicles Will Disrupt the Automotive Supply Chain” report is designed to inform technology service providers covering the supply chain of the next breed of software-defined vehicles. The report examines the current market trends related to software-defined vehicles and the drivers behind them. It listed Kaspersky as a vendor to watch.

Gartner, Market Trends: Software-Defined Vehicles Will Disrupt the Automotive Supply Chain, Jonathan Davenport, January 20, 2021.

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Kaspersky Cited as a “Vendor to Watch” for Software-Defined Vehicles

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