May 8, 2019

Kaspersky Lab Joins Forces with SolarWinds to Help MSPs Deliver Automated Cybersecurity Protection to Customers

MSPs can now deploy and manage Kaspersky Lab endpoint products through a single SolarWinds management console

Woburn, MA – May 8, 2019 – Kaspersky Lab has integrated its cybersecurity solutions with the SolarWinds remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, N-central, to help service providers (MSPs) support smooth operations and make their routines easier to run. Now MSPs can deploy and manage Kaspersky Lab’s products for endpoints across all their customers through a single SolarWinds management console, while automating daily routine tasks such as security monitoring and anti-virus database updates.

Businesses rely on MSPs to achieve the level of cybersecurity needed to protect their data, save money and reduce the strain on internal resources. When MSPs grow to serve more customers, they must put more effort into the day-to-day management of their clients’ cybersecurity needs to cope with increased demand. RMM platforms allow MSPs to manage their customer’s IT infrastructure remotely, so that they can proactively prevent issues and respond quickly to meet service-level agreements. A single monitoring and management console also lets administrators automate daily routine tasks, meaning MSPs can make better use of cybersecurity resources and allocate staff to other important work that requires a hands-on approach.

The integration between Kaspersky Lab and SolarWinds will allow MSPs to use best-of-breed Kaspersky Lab products and benefit from automating a wide range of cybersecurity tasks – such as monitoring protected devices, checking for updates in the anti-virus database and remotely deploying security to new endpoints – all through the N-central platform.

“We are always excited to see our Technology Alliance Partners bring their solutions to the SolarWinds MSP product lines, and Kaspersky Lab is delivering its unique value to managed services providers with this integration,” said Dave Sobel, senior director, MSP evangelism, SolarWinds. “The market continues to demand products that work together, and we are excited to help our MSPs deliver their solutions through these product integrations.”

“MSPs need to provide the required level of security service to their customers,” adds Ivan Bulaev, head of global corporate channel, Kaspersky Lab. “To achieve this, they need a powerful protection solution that should be easy to deliver and manage across multiple clients. We want to enable more MSPs to use protection from Kaspersky Lab through a tool which is familiar for them — and this is SolarWinds.”

For more information about the use of Kaspersky Lab products through the SolarWinds N-central platform, visit the partner website.

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