May 31, 2017

Kaspersky Lab Study Reveals Data Loss is a Top Cause of Distress

Almost half of people surveyed say their digital photos and videos are irreplaceable

Woburn, MA – May 31, 2017 - A new report by Kaspersky Lab reveals the complete loss of all digital photos from devices was ranked more distressing than a break up with a partner, a non-fatal car accident or a pet’s illness. The report also highlights that people value the data on their devices, but most fail to protect their data with basic security measures even though they are aware of the threat that cybercriminals pose.

The study shows that almost half of participants say they would not be able to replace photos and videos of their travels (45%), their children (44%) or themselves (40%). In addition, Kaspersky Lab asked people how distressed they would be in a number of different scenarios. Results showed that the complete loss of all digital photos was ranked more distressing than a break up with a partner, a non-fatal car accident, a bad day at work or a pet’s illness. Across the globe, the illness of a family member ranked first as the most distressing incident and in multiple regions, including the U.S., the loss or theft of a device ranked second.

The report also found that an overwhelming majority of people recognize there are security threats to their information, but not all take measures to protect the data they love. Nearly three quarters (73%) agree that cybercriminals and hackers pose a high risk to their data, and two-thirds say malware (65%) is a high-risk threat. However, only around half protect their devices with passwords or PINs, with 53 percent using a password for their smartphones, 42 percent for their tablets and 48 percent for their computers. Worse still, only about a third have a general security solution on their devices.

Moreover, there is a disconnect between user perception of careless behavior and its impact on data risk. Almost half (47%) of people admit that their own inattentiveness can put their data safety at high risk. With photos and videos seen as the most valuable and irreplaceable data stored on digital devices, 44 percent of people say they have lost this data from smartphones in the past. Only 16 percent have been able to recover all of their data once it has been lost.

“Precious data that we save on digital devices and use every day is not getting the protection it deserves,” said Andrei Mochola, head of consumer business, Kaspersky Lab. “With so much trust placed on devices to safeguard our memories and information, it is important that the security measures individuals rely on are able to adapt and keep them safe – no matter what the device or where they use it. Reliance on multiple devices to store what matters most calls for a more robust and reliable approach. Only then can all points of vulnerability be covered and any gaps in user knowledge or unintentional data mishaps be addressed.”

To help safeguard valuable data on their devices, consumers can take a number of simple precautions, including installing a security solution like Kaspersky Total Security, with functions for ensuring data protection and maintaining device updates. In addition, backing up data, encrypting sensitive information, and password protecting devices and apps all help to protect what matters most to people when it comes to their digital data.

For further information on the research, please see the report: “Risking data heartache: it hurts to lose the data you love.”

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