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"Currently, Kaspersky Lab has three operational offices in North America. As part of its ongoing commitment to the market, the company plans to open three new offices in the region in 2018: Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Given that U.S. government sales have not been a significant part of the company’s activity in North America, Kaspersky Lab is exploring opportunities to better optimize the Washington D.C. office responsible for threat intelligence offerings to U.S. government entities."

"The company has operated in the region since 2005, and North America remains a strategic market for Kaspersky Lab. The company’s North American unit employs nearly 300 employees, including members of the expert Global Research and Analysis Team. Expanding the company’s presence in the region will better enable Kaspersky Lab to provide its customers with the best cybersecurity solutions and services."

– Attributable to Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab Remains Committed to the North American Market

The company continues to invest in North American market; will be opening three new regional offices in 2018
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