April 6, 2016

Kaspersky Lab Releases New Version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server with Protection against Ransomware

Kaspersky Lab has announced a new version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server application, which has been developed to protect high performance corporate servers from cyber threats including cryptomalware, also known as ransomware.

Woburn, MA – April 6, 2016 -Kaspersky Lab has announced a new version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server application, which has been developed to protect high performance corporate servers from cyber threats including cryptomalware, also known as ransomware. The new Kaspersky Security for Windows Server provides cost-effective, reliable, scalable security for shared file storage, with minimal impact on resources.

Cryptomalware, for example, can infiltrate and encrypt an entire network - including its backups - within minutes. This can bring entire business operations to a halt and leave a business without the ability to restore its critical data.

The company’s new “Anti-Cryptor” technology is a key component of the updated Kaspersky Security for Windows Server application included within its suite of endpoint security for business solutions*and file servers and security storage solutions.

Together with Kaspersky’s Application Startup Control technology, the new feature will help businesses defend their electronic assets from the threat of cryptoware – such as the recent “Locky” malware – which is quickly spreading around the globe and holding businesses of all sizes to ransom.

“As the complexity of corporate IT infrastructure increases, the need for reliable, multi-layered cybersecurity, which protects business servers, also grows,” said Michael Canavan, Vice President, Sales Engineering, Kaspersky Lab North America. “The threat of ransomware is currently one of the most pressing IT security issues in the business world. Kaspersky’s Anti-Cryptor technology is unparalleled on the market, making the new version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server a must-have for businesses of all sizes.”

Appropriate dedicated server security helps to protect critical corporate data and eliminate the danger of malware penetrating the backup copies of files. With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab has updated its security application for servers, using all of its expertise and intelligence to provide customers with reliable security against the latest malware threats.

The solution’s new features make the security of corporate servers even more flexible and easy to manage. The solution identifies and scans critical areas of a business’s corporate servers for malware, helping to strengthen those areas of the operating system that are most exposed to infection. For example, scanning Autorun files can help prevent malware from launching during system startup and can detect any hidden processes.

To help protect businesses from unknown and advanced threats, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server includes Application Startup Control. This provides customers with unprecedented security, using configured rules to allow or block the startup of executable files, scripts, and installation packages, or the loading of program modules onto servers.

The solution leverages Anti-Cryptor technology, which is unrivaled on the market and based on a patented Kaspersky Lab algorithm. This uses behavior analysis to detect and protect shared folders from encryption activity – preventing a business from being locked out of its own files, and being forced to pay a ransom for their ‘release.’

Another technology uses by the solution is malicious host blocker. If any malicious activity is detected through Real Time File Protection or Anti-Cryptor activities, access to shared network folders is immediately restricted to a secure server, protecting files from damage by any malicious third parties.

The application available as a part of Kaspersky Security for File Server, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and Kaspersky Security for Storage.

*Select (excluding application control), Advanced and Total Security for Business

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