February 24, 2016

Kaspersky Lab Releases New Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac with More Privacy Features

Kaspersky Lab Releases New Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac with More Privacy Features

Woburn, MA – February 24, 2016 -Kaspersky Lab has unveiled the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. The new comprehensive version for Mac OS X now includes two new features, Private Browsing and Webcam Protection technologies, designed to protect consumer’s privacy and confidential information.

Today’s consumer is constantly browsing the Internet and being tracked as they visit websites and search queries, from any location on any device. In the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Savvy Quiz, 41% of participants admitted they did not approve of being tracked by websites, but also did nothing to protect their privacy. With the new Private Browsing feature, consumers can prevent websites, social media networks and web applications from collecting their personal information. The Kaspersky Lab technology stands out from other browser-based tools for its ability to remove personal information from Internet traffic, ensuring that it never leaves the device.

Personal privacy in the cyber world can also be violated by webcam hacking, a form of privacy invasion not all consumers realize is possible. Strangers have been known to spy on unknowing victims and capture images through a webcam, using them for blackmail. The new Webcam Protection technology blocks unauthorized access to a consumer’s webcam and prevents attackers from using that webcam to watch people or their surroundings. The advanced technology also helps monitor which applications attempt to connect to the webcam, warns the user of access attempts, and, if necessary, blocks webcam access.

In addition to the new features, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac includes Safe Money technology, providing security protection for all online financial transactions. The solution also includes Parental Control features that help protect children from inappropriate web content, control access to gaming and social media websites, and prevent them from revealing personal information that could affect their security. With a user-friendly interface design and low performance impact, the latest version provides a simplified, easy-to-use solution for Mac users.

"There’s still a belief among users that​​Apple computers are less exposed to cyber threats, and therefore don’t require additional protection. Unfortunately, that is not true. Many cyber threats – such as phishing, a poorly protected connection, a lack of user cyber-savviness and other weak points – in fact make it possible for cybercriminals to harm users on almost any device, whether it is Windows, Mac, Android, or an iPhone. That’s why in our new security solution for OS X we have paid special attention to technologies that secure user privacy online – including Webcam Protection and Private Browsing,” says Nikita Shvetsov, CTO at Kaspersky Lab.

The new Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is now available as part of the multi-platform Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security solutions. The product is compatible with OS X 10.11. To learn more about the solution, visit: http://www.kaspersky.com/security-mac.

Pricing and Availability

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is available for purchase online and at retail outlets in the United States and Canada. A subscription of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac – 1-user licenses for a 1-year period – is $29.99

About Kaspersky Lab

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