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May 26, 2014

Windows 8.1 Virus Protection for Business, Consumer Compared

Windows 8.1 Virus Protection for Business, Consumer Compared

ZDNet, By Larry Seltzer

The reports of antivirus's death may have been greatly exaggerated. The right way to look at it is that antivirus is not, and may never have been, a sufficient means by which to protect the user against attack. But, for most users, it's still an important front-line defense.

The leading edge of the market for that defense is now on Windows 8.1, the operating system on which most new PCs, including ones that look like tablets, will run.

Independent test lab AV-TEST Institute's evaluation of these products, 25 of them for consumers and nine for business, show that most of them are very effective at blocking malware, known (20,646 samples) and unknown (138 samples). The number of products that detect 100% of such threats in their tests went up from March to April. Read more.

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