February 21, 2014

The World's Biggest Cyber Crime Fighter

The World's Biggest Cyber Crime Fighter

Forbes, By Ken Rapoza

Eugene Kaspersky is the poster child of cyber security. Let’s face it, the man is huge. In Russia, he has a fan club while some of his peers (like John McAfee) have entanglements with foreign governments. I have a T-shirt his groupies made for him and his company, Kaspersky Lab. On it, his headshot is pixilated by the words Anti-Virus in green lettering. Groupies, here, is no understatement. The same adoration for “Kasper” follows into his offices in Moscow. His staff, most in their early thirties and twenties, is amazed by him.

“When he comes home to the Moscow office, it’s like daddy’s home,” says Anton Shingarev, 27, Kaspersky’s chief of staff. He was wrapping up an event in Rome on Dec. 13 with internet security types of the same age. Kaspersky was outside smoking on a veranda, circumvented by men chatting in Russian. “Everybody wants his time. Everyone wants to be with him.” Shingarev shakes his head. It’s a gesture that says, “unbelievable.” Read more.

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