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April 17, 2014

Northrop CEO Urges Congress to Pass Cybersecurity Legislation

Northrop CEO Urges Congress to Pass Cybersecurity Legislation

Reuters, By Jim Finkle

U.S. weapons maker Northrop Grumman Corp on Thursday urged U.S. lawmakers to enact cybersecurity legislation that would limit the liability of U.S. companies and enable them to take more decisive action to protect their computer networks.

"We need to move to a place as a country where the legal framework matches the technology framework, or even gets within a decade of the technology framework," Northrop Chief Executive Wes Bush told Reuters after a speech to the Economic Club.

"It has lagged so terribly today that it causes companies to be extraordinarily risk averse to doing some of the things that they really need to do to better protect the infrastructure," said Bush.

He said it was critical to enact legislation that would allow better information sharing between industry and government on threats to computer networks. Read more.

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