May 21, 2014

Learn From eBay's Reaction To Its Security Glitch

Learn From eBay's Reaction To Its Security Glitch

Forbes, By Guy Clapperton

Parts of America will just be waking up as I write, to the news that there is a security glitch on eBay. The company is advising people to change their passwords. Others will be commenting on the security implications – but what can the small business community learn from this incident?

It’s worth looking at what some of the experts have offered up, unbidden, into my mailbox as a journalist. European security company Kaspersky gave out a few paragraphs, including: “The worrying thing is that many people use a single password for more than one internet site and so if the passwords are compromised, they could be at further risk from cyber-criminal activity. The time lapse here highlights the urgency for customers to change not only their eBay and PayPal passwords but also on any other site that they use the same log-in details for.” Read more.

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