February 7, 2014

Kaspersky Lab North America Unveils New Service Program At #KLPC2014

Kaspersky Lab North America Unveils New Service Program At #KLPC2014

Channel Marketer Report, By Alicia Fiorletta

Kaspersky Lab North America has launched a new service program designed to help partners increase and improve communication touch points with customers. 

The Certified Service Provider (CSP) Program and Premium Support offerings will enable partners to drive revenue while ensuring optimal solutions are delivered to customers by Kaspersky Lab. Partners participating in the program will be able to sell and deliver professional services with Kaspersky Lab, as well as offer the same professional services provided by Kaspersky Lab Systems Engineers.

To qualify as a Kaspersky Lab CSP Accredited Partner, participants must complete a series of technical courses and certifications, live deployment testing and comply with quality assurance requirements. Other recommended certifications also will be available to partners, so they can increase readiness and offer a wider variety of more complex services to end-users. Read more.

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