January 1, 2014

Every Firm's a Target

Every Firm's a Target

California Lawyer, By Susan Kuchinskas

Malware threats grew 34 percent in 2012, with more than 200,000 new ones surfacing each day, according to security software maker Kaspersky Lab. Experts estimate that as many as 577 million worms, viruses, Trojans, and pieces of spyware are constantly probing for vulnerable spots in software and devices where they can insert their dirty payloads; most commonly, they are spread by malicious links. Given that cyber attacks typically cost even small businesses $8,700 apiece, the resulting damage can be significant.

Some law firms are under the impression they're vulnerable only if they do large, international business deals, but firms are being targeted on an increasing number of fronts. Email remains a prime delivery mechanism for hacking attempts; phishing emails lure the unwary into providing passwords and other information to sites that mimic banks, PayPal, or other reputable businesses. But mobile devices, apps, and even voice calls and PDFs have become conveyances for spyware. Read more.

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