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July 31, 2014

'Energetic' Bear Under The Microscope

'Energetic' Bear Under The Microscope

Dark Reading, By Kelly Jackson Higgins

Kaspersky Lab report finds more industries hit by the infamous cyber espionage campaign -- and evidence pointing to French and Swedish-speaking attackers as well as Eastern European ones.

The profilic cyberspying operation known as Energetic Bear and DragonFly has been busy the past few months and the closer researchers dig into its operations, the bigger and more expansive its reach appears.

Kaspersky Lab today published an in-depth report on the attack campaign, which the firm says has infected more than 2,800 known victims around the globe, including 101 organizations it could identify, mainly in the US, Spain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Ireland, Portland, and China. The attacks have been detected hitting not only industrial/machinery and manufacturing firms, but pharmaceutical, construction, education, and IT firms as well. Read more.

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