April 17, 2014

Defending Against Targeted Attacks in the Age of Cyber Espionage

Defending Against Targeted Attacks in the Age of Cyber Espionage

PC Magazine, By Neil Rubenking

Howard Schmidt has done it all. He's handled security for Microsoft and eBay. He served as Special Assistant to the President and as Cybersecurity Coordinator for the government. Currently he's a partner, along with former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, in consulting company Ridge-Schmidt Cyber. In his capacity as chairman of the International Advisory Board for Kaspersky Labs, he conducted a fascinating panel on targeted attacks and cyber espionage at the recent Kaspersky Cybersecurity Summit.

The other panelists brought knowledge and experience from various industries. Fred Schwien, Director of Homeland Security Programs & Strategy, The Boeing Company, must deal with security at all levels, starting with the supply chain. (Schwien joked, "My paycheck is pegged to the number of letters in my title.") Joe Sullivan, Facebook's CSO, worries more about the electronic realm, naturally. Rounding out the panel, Eugene Kaspersky is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of global security giant Kaspersky Lab. I can't report the entirety of the wide-ranging discussion, but I'll hit the high points. Read more.

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