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January 7, 2014

Channel Thought Leaders, Experts Share Predictions For 2014

Channel Thought Leaders, Experts Share Predictions For 2014

In 2013, content marketing, social media and mobility all came into focus as priority investments for businesses and their channel networks. Improved channel communication, collaboration and visibility were key goals for many businesses, while still optimizing end-user engagement and sales results.

Although the channel marketing universe saw extreme evolution in 2013, the next year will hold even more change. 

To efficiently identify top trends and expectations for 2014, we asked executives from leading agencies, consultancies, and even solution providers to share their insights on channel sales and marketing trends. Executives were asked to answer the following question:
“How do you believe channel marketing will shift and/or evolve during 2014 and why?” 

Chris Doggett
SVP of Corporate Sales, Kaspersky Lab North America 

The upcoming year will offer new areas for companies to evolve in channel marketing. Long-held best practices, combined with new ideas and innovation, will create the most successful marketing strategies. Here are four areas in which we expect the most change. Read more.

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