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December 11, 2013

Zeus Malware Gets 64-Bit Makeover

Zeus Malware Gets 64-Bit Makeover

CSO, Antone Gonsalves

A 64-bit version of the notorious Zeus family of banking malware has been found, an indication that cybercriminals are preparing for the software industry's move away from older 32-bit architectures.

Kaspersky Lab discovered the 64-bit version of Zeus within a 32-bit sample. A code analysis indicates the malware has been circulating the Internet at least since June.

The discovery is considered a milestone because the popularity of Zeus and its variants indicates that 64-bit development in the underground has become mainstream, Kurt Baumgartner, principal security researcher for Kaspersky, said. This means the security industry now has a "certain and real 64-bit problem." Read more.

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