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January 2, 2013

Why More Snapchat-like Hacks Will Come in 2014

Why More Snapchat-like Hacks Will Come in 2014

USA Today, Byron Acohido

Hacks like the one that exposed personal information for 4.6 million Snapchat users last week are likely to become commonplace in 2014.

That's because entrepreneurs are moving faster than ever in a multi-billion dollar race to create hot new social apps at a time when locking down databases containing consumer information is getting more complex.

Snapchat is an über popular instant messaging service that collects rich data about what you're interested in and who you associate with online. Most social apps are crafted to work seamlessly on personally-owned smartphones and touch tablets -- the devices many of use as part of the Bring Your Own Device to work craze.

Many of the hottest contenders to become the next Snapchat are pursuing business models built around amassing Internet-enabled databases full of consumer and work-related information. This information is sold to advertisers. But because it is stored dynamically on a web-enabled database it also becomes a fat, juicy target for cybercriminals. Read more.

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