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May 16, 2013

The one thing to do to stay safe online

The one thing to do to stay safe online

MSN Money, By Jonathan Blum

What's it take to stay secure in today's digital slum?

Take it from Chris Doggett. "You want to be touching as little of it as possible," he told me about a month ago. "You want to be turning off as much of the Web as you can."

Doggett is the head of North American corporate sales for Kaspersky Lab, a Woburn, Mass., security company. And to this geek's credit, he's become a brother in arms about the reality of not being the next AP Twitter hack victim in the Internet hood.

Let me repeat that long and loud, investors: He said TURN OFF AS MUCH OF THE INTERNET AS YOU CAN.

What goes first?

"You know that piece of software called Java that is always updating on your PC? People put that on there for some dumb game," he explained. "But most folks don't use it. It's very easy to attack old versions of it. New exploits are created all the time."

So we all just go into our computers and uninstall it?

"Exactly," Doggett said. "Your PC will be a lot safer. Just turn it off." Read more.

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