December 17, 2013

Security in 2014: What are the Experts Predicting?

Security in 2014: What are the Experts Predicting?

At the end of every year security writers get lots of pitches from vendors for stories about their security predictions for the next year. This year I received an even dozen pitches. Here are the good (The Interesting), the bad (The Bogus), and the ugly (in this case The Obvious - move on, nothing to see here).

The Interesting
 — When I finally looked carefully at all the predictions I got from vendors I was impressed with more than I expected. There is both good and bad news in here.

Here's one I hadn't considered before: Lancope's CTO Tim (TK) Keanini argues that the rise of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) will make network threat monitoring much more effective. There are already plenty of good reasons for a large, complex enterprise to move towards SDN; it facilitates the most efficient utilization of network resources and dovetails well with virtualization at the process and storage levels. Read more.

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