April 17, 2013

Q&A: How gaming hacks aid watering hole attacks

Q&A: How gaming hacks aid watering hole attacks

USA Today, By Byron Acohido

SEATTLE – An elite cybergang continues to find fresh ways to hack into Internet game companies to steal the digital certificates that allow the game makers to authenticate their cloud-delivered software, according to Kaspersky Lab.

But that's just the prelude to a complex tale of collaboration and partnerships in the cyberunderground.

Digital certificates are like a notary stamp. They validate the executable programs that the game makers circulate across the Internet in order to bring their games to life. Since 2011, this one gang has plundered loot, including digital certificates, from some 35 legit game makers from around the globe, says Kurt Baumgartner, a senior security analyst at Kaspersky Lab. Read more.

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